Comparison of Political Parties in Canada - Essay Example

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The ideological concept is perceived as ones idea that plays a significant role in the formulation of goals and resulting actions. Moreover, it is seen as a way of looking issues as well as ways of arguing…
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Comparison of Political Parties in Canada
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Comparison of Political Parties in Canada Ideological concept has serious ramification in the filed of politics. The ideological concept is perceived as ones idea that plays a significant role in the formulation of goals and resulting actions. Moreover, it is seen as a way of looking issues as well as ways of arguing towards a certain issue. In politics, such ideology helps in differentiating different parties stand on a particular issue or issues.
The two parties show fundamental differences in ways of handling crime. The conservative party believes that the war on crime can succeed through securing of the border and reform of the criminal justice system (Conservative 1). The reforms involve harsh penalties and expansion of prison and implementation of mandatory prison sentences for gun crimes. On the other hand, the liberals offer a different approach to resolving of crime. The liberals call on being smart on crime by targeting the real perpetrators of crime (Liberal 1). They also argue that expansion of prisons is a real waste of money and has no impact in a reduction of crime.
The direct approach to crime by conservatives is a reflection of their ideology. The party beliefs that there should be laws and programs that are meant not to encourage crime in society. Moreover, the party beliefs increased spending is paramount in addressing challenges facing society and hence more fund for construction of prison facilities. On the other hand, the liberal approach to tackling crime is related to their beliefs that all people should enjoy some freedom. Hence, they are against blanket condemnation of those that get involved in crime. The liberal, therefore, calls for evidence-based way of resolving crime.
The liberal party appears more ‘to the left, as compared to the conservative party. This is because the party appears more concerned by individual and environment rights. These rights have long been associated with the ‘left.
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