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What new things might just work in Corrections - Essay Example

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The improvement of management of correctional facilities should be given plenty of priority because this is the only way through which the safety and well being of both officers and inmates will be guaranteed. Furthermore, issues have developed concerning whether prison…
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What new things might just work in Corrections
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Download file to see previous pages be to ensure that all officers are not only satisfied, but also that the inmates are allowed to have a chance to reform and adapt themselves into the society once they are released.
It has become essential for there to be some improvement in the management of correctional facilities because without it, it is most likely that the conditions within them might continue to deteriorate. Correctional facilities in the United States have undergone serious management issues over the past decades and this has been as a result of the many blunders that administrators have made when carrying out their duties. Because of such circumstances, correctional facilities have ended up being highly understaffed while at the same time being an unsafe place for both officers and inmates.
Therefore, it is necessary to initiate reforms in correctional facilities because, despite there being places where convicts are kept away from society, they are also small communities which have to be well managed to ensure that there is harmony. It has been recognised that there is a need for leadership in the management of correctional facilities since this is the only way through which their managements will be able to effectively ensure the well being of all those who live or work within them (Jung, Wu & Chow, 2008). Leadership has to be shown by prison management when dealing with the safety of the guards because of circumstances where they have to deal with criminals who are potentially violent so that they are not in any way endangered. Leadership is also necessary in cases where there is a potential of prisoners either harming themselves or others and this should be through the provision of psychological, health, and recreational facilities which help them in all manner of their lives.
Management is the running of an institution using the established apparatus without necessarily having to make any changes. In most circumstances, management is often to blame in case of either the long term ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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