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However, this perspective does not form into a general theory as it might contradict commonly; if the same is believed or practiced by general…
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Egoism related to ethics
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Number] ‘Egoism and Ethics’ Egoism is described as acting or thinking only in one’s self-interest and valuing it to an extent; to determine it as personal value. However, this perspective does not form into a general theory as it might contradict commonly; if the same is believed or practiced by general public. Simultaneously, Universal egoism is a general perspective which preaches people in general to be motivated by their self-interest to pursue their preferences. Hence, preaching to teach larger audience to only act, plan and value one’s interest. If egoism is consistent theory then it must not be contradicted (Pojman and Fieser, 87). Nevertheless, egoism in ethics becomes mismatched statement; as the core idea of ethical ideology is to act in a moral way (right or wrong) to benefit community or the larger world. Yet, egoism perspective teaches only to act in one’s own self interest. Thus, completeness in truth is not a provable moral principle in egoism.
Simultaneously, rational egoism in ethics is described as a significant choice or interest of a person with rational or logical action plan to attain personal interest. However, in general egoism is seen with disdain, but that is not the case always. It benefits a person and community as well. For instance, if a person belief in re-use of things then he is not only saving money at his end, but also decreasing pollution factor in various manners. Similarly, cultural relativism is a perspective of a specific group to act as morally right or wrong. Hence, this perceptive neither forms a theory or is ethically justified.
‘Basant’ is a sub-continental festival celebrated by people of India and Pakistan. Its main idea perceived by general public is to celebrate spring via yellow dress codes, kite flying and eating. However, this festival is not appreciated by Muslims due to religious grounds as it is celebrated in the honour of Hindu Goddess Saraswati.
There is no harm if one politely declines to eat pork, raw ribs or alcohol due to personal belief or religious grounds. As it is an acceptable action according to egoism and ethics. Yet, if a person belief and adapts a practice, which exploits the rights of larger community then egoism is a false perspective.
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