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Education is one of the ways through which people are able to acquire knowledge and skills that enable them to be of meaningful importance to the society. By offering…
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Strongest sources of legitimacy
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SOURCES OF LEGITIMACY OF THE US A STRONG DEMOCRACY Sources of legitimacy that have made the U.S. a strong democracy There area number of things that can be said to be the strongest sources of legitimacy that have made the U.S. a strong democracy. These sources will be discussed through this paper.
One thing that can be said to be a strong source of the strength of the US democracy is their education system. Education is one of the ways through which people are able to acquire knowledge and skills that enable them to be of meaningful importance to the society. By offering equal education opportunities the country has been able to make sure that democracy in the country is enhanced through education (Keith, 2007). This can be properly illustrated through the country’s public education system which makes sure that education is available for all the citizens.
Another thing that can be said to be a strong source of the strength of the US democracy is the level of self-reliance in the American society. Through self-reliance citizens are given the chance to practice their own will as long as their actions are within the boundaries of the US laws. In the United States of America this can be seen in the way social workers work with the society with the aim of making sure that self-help groups are successful so that the members could be independent (Shively, 2011). Self-reliance is further enhanced by US education system and the spirit of equal opportunities that is encouraged by the constitution.
Freedom and the free market economy can also be said to be contributing to the country’s democracy. When people operate under free market they are able to practice democracy without having fears of being discriminated. This can be seen in the number of occasions that people have staged demonstrations whenever they felt that democracy was being abused in the country.
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