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Abortion is one of the most sensitive issues in the world today and this is mainly because while it is used as a means of saving lives, as well as preventing unwanted children, it is also against the basic tenets of various religions. However, one would state that abortion is a…
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Why you believe abortion is right
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Download file to see previous pages e potential mother might have a condition which might endanger her life if she goes on with the pregnancy (“Abortion is a safe and legal way to end pregnancy”). Despite the increasing calls for abortion to be made a right all over the world, it has come to face many challenges, most of which are based on the ethical issues involved. Abortion is a basic right of all women who are not ready to have children and to deny it to them should be considered an infringement on their rights. Therefore, it is important to make an argument for abortion while at the same time disproving the opposition towards it.
There are many instances where abortion is often the best option for the women who undergo it and this is especially pertinent in situations where they are too poor to care for the child. Most of the people in the world who have many children tend to be those who come from poor backgrounds and these more often than not, do not have the necessary means to take care of these children. The result of this is that many children from poor backgrounds tend to end up suffering unnecessarily because their parents chose to have them at a time when they could barely sustain them (Ricci and Kyle 108). In such scenarios, it is right for the woman to seek an abortion to ensure that her child does not end up wanting for anything just because she is too poor to offer it to him. If more women in the world were to take this course and consider their economic situation before having children, it is likely that there would be highly reduced instances of poverty because there would not be too many mouths to feed under little means. The development of an open mind towards abortion is one of the most complimentary things that women in the world should adopt because it ensures that not only are they able to have the number of children that they desire, but it also works as a means of population control. The result is that lesser children would be born to end up suffering because of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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