Principles of Care in Care Setting That Ensure Client Empowerment - Assignment Example

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The paper “Principles of care in care setting that ensure client empowerment” will discuss the role of the principles of care in enhancing client empowerment and the importance of ensuring anti-discriminatory practices during the delivery of the care…
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Principles of Care in Care Setting That Ensure Client Empowerment
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Download file to see previous pages The paper will also dwell on the need of safeguarding client confidentiality and existing legislation that protects the sharing of such information to non-authorised persons. Another principle of care that will be discussed is the need to enable the client make informed choices and respect the human dignity of the client while offering personalised care attention. The paper will also focus on the ways in which different cultural beliefs and preferences of the clients may affect care delivery and suggest measures that care workers can implement in order to avoid cultural prejudices and stereotypes during care delivery. Client empowerments entails a process of change that enables people gain more information about themselves and take more control of their lives through identifying and working with others for the change. Empowerment is an interactive process that enables people experience personal and social change that facilitates people to influence the institutions and environments in which they live. Ideally, client empowerment in care setting can be termed as a developmental process that entails the four stages of entry, advancement, incorporation and commitment. The entry stage in client empowerment is motivated events that affect an individual, immediate family or certain aspects that foster empowerment such as supportive peer relationships, mentoring and social or political relations. However, empowerment in a care setting can be initiated through orientation or counsel through helping individuals who seem powerless in the society by enabling them to understand the power dynamics at work, develop critical skills and capabilities to exercise control of their lives without interfering with the rights of others in the society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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