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Dell Example of Effective Usage of Internet Technologies - Case Study Example

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The paper "Dell Example of Effective Usage of Internet Technologies" highlights that companies and marketers specifically may have to boost their competitiveness through better prices and high quality. Internet security may also be improved in the future due to higher levels of innovation…
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Dell Example of Effective Usage of Internet Technologies
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Download file to see previous pages Some of the products offered by the company include; televisions, peripherals, software, network switches, servers, data storage devices and the most common product; its Personal computers. (United States Securities and Exchange Commission, 2008) In order to get to such a position, it was essential to employ sound internet technologies and e-marketing principles. The paper will be an examination of how Dell Inc. and other companies have employed internet technologies and a forecast of the future of these technologies will also be analysed. Dell has employed internet technologies in virtually all spheres of its business processes. (Dedrick, 2007) Dell On Call is a service that largely dwells on the elimination of threats to data storage through viruses or spyware. In order to manage this service, the company communicates to its consumers regularly through the internet. (Koehn, 2001) Additionally, the process of eradicating those viruses and spyware is made possible by internet technologies. The Dell Support Centre is closely associated with the former mentioned service. However, in this particular area, more emphasis is given to hardware purchasers within the company. (Dedrick, 2007) The company formed this alternative after the realisation that most of their consumers were highly in need of accessing information about their purchases or the devices that they had already bought. Upon visiting this company's support website, one is likely to see the following divisions; Drivers and downloads, technical support, order status and customer service.
Under the drivers and downloads section, consumers can get assistance about drivers and downloads that they are dealing with. Under the technical support section, one is likely to find the tag 'I need to solve a technical problem' (Dell Support Homepage, 2008). Under the order status section, consumers who want to find out how soon they will receive their products can be helped. Lastly, under the customer service section, consumers can ask for more information about the product that they have purchased. (Kraemer, 2002)
All these options go a long way in enhancing the purchasing experience within this company. The first thing that one needs to note is the fact that their support system is located on the internet. This can be deduced by the fact that they have a homepage. Additionally, the entire process of dealing with a problem is handled across the internet hence promoting communications between them. Through the 'chatting via online' alternative in their Support Homepage, Dell can ensure that all the questions their clients have about their products are adequately solved. Besides that, there is a forum for interacting with other consumers on this website.
The company has also broken down the kind of assistance offered so that consumers can get direct access to experts in a certain area. For instance, when a consumer is in need of fixing the wireless local area network, then they can go to the wireless networking support section, if they need to increase their antivirus settings, then they can go to the security spyware section. All these pieces of information are valuable on-line to boost consumer experiences. (Halderman et al, 2008) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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