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Physical security assessment on the VA medical center - Assignment Example

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This project “Physical security assessment on the VA medical center” entails a physical security assessment on the VA medical center in Birmingham. The project involved two main parts: going through all areas of the buildings within the institution and checking for security devices such as locks…
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Physical security assessment on the VA medical center
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Download file to see previous pages The intended survey will entail going through all areas of the buildings within your institution, checking for security devices such as locks, surveillance, and access control. In addition to this, an interview with the institution’s security manager will be essential in providing a concise complete picture of the state of security within the institution’s premises. This process should take up to 2 hours at the most.
All information obtained from the survey will be treated with utmost discretion as all it is considered confidential to the parties involved. Upon agreement, all information generated from this research activity will be strictly confidential, limited to only the parties taking part in the exercise highlighted. The Eastern Kentucky University will be represented by the assigned instructor and supervisor. The other parties who will be preview to the information generated from the research will be the facility’s Senior Security Manager.
This survey has been developed to investigate the weaknesses in the personnel protection system, physical protection system and other weaknesses that may pose a potential threat to the operations of the Birmingham Alabama VA Medical Center in case of an attack. This assessment is expected to produce concrete results that will be used to develop recommendations for the institution as pertains their security. These recommendations will be vital in the creation of protection strategies so as to improve the short-term protection in the case where emergencies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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