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Existentialism - Research Paper Example

One is where God made man in his own image and instilled human nature in him which therefore means that all human beings have an aspect of similarity and hence the issues of freedom and authenticity as described by existentialists is not fully possible in individuals. There is also the other which is widely favored by the Christian existentialists where God and even more so Jesus Christ advocates for an individual knowing oneself first and loving oneself before transferring the same to others. The first front is not used because existentialism advocates for people disregarding being swayed in decision making by supernatural beings or even historical aspects and happenings and focusing solely on oneself. In this regard therefore, in spite of all people being made the same by God, they should disregard this similarity and focus on themselves as single entities first. Christian existentialists and even theologians advocate for people to read the bible and interpret or try to understand it from an individual’s point of view and not merely as historical happenings and truths that are not in any way related to the writer. If this is the case, then there can be no relationship whatsoever between Christianity and existentialism philosophy and that is not what is aimed at. The bible scriptures in both the Old and New Testament constantly emphasize the notion of an individual understanding them first and putting themselves first as well as loving themselves first before transferring the exact same

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Man cannot determine his own existence except if that man is a secular humanist. There is no way one can be both atheist and theist. This is unprincipled marriage of convenience that only calls secularism. Therefore, existentialism is a quasi-secular humanist philosophy.
12 pages (3000 words)Essay
In their views, Buber, Levinas, Wiesel and Frankl have expressed different views concerning the relations between God and a man under oppressive conditions of Holocaust. Buber claimed that God did not reveal his presence in the XX century. Otherwise occurrence of Auschwitz would hardly happen.
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That is why Miguel de Unamuno in his controversial philosophical work, ‘Tragic Sense of Life’ contradicts the earlier works of Karl Mark and Sigmund Freud (Unamuno 157). He takes both existentialistic and theistic perspectives to explain man’s attachment to nature without faith and reason.
3 pages (750 words)Essay
In other words, Kieji Nishitani condemns the obsession with worldly things because they lead people to a sense of nihility (Nishitani 338). This is a state that confuses the meaning of life and hinders people from attaining the sense of the horizon. According to Kieji Nishitani, there is a lot of confusion that is characterized with religion especially upon ignorant people.
3 pages (750 words)Essay
There are also aspects of faith that play a fundamental role in questioning of beliefs and responsibility of humanity (Earnshaw 170). Additionally, death and its accompanying effects on the living are paramount in shaping the opinions of individuals on the meaning of life.
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The word 'serves' is used here advisedly, that is, in a Camusian sense. The torture serves its master, which is not the gods who decreed the torture, but Sisyphus the man, the mortal who carries it out. He has mastered his rock and made it his own, he has made it the rock of Sisyphus, he has made the rock Sisyphus and he, Sisyphus, has become the rock.
4 pages (1000 words)Essay
Some people are conservative with such beliefs, and go to extends of maintain these beliefs (Guignon, 3). However, the author states that the American culture has been shaped up with gradual change in the culture of authenticity. People are developing the
2 pages (500 words)Essay
There was only duration, only existence, and it was to be endured, not celebrated. However, at its core this was an empty philosophy and one with no real substance. Two of the great existentialist thinkers, Sartre and Camus, clearly illustrate this
4 pages (1000 words)Essay
This is based on the acting, the individual perception relating to the subject and the feelings. The attitude of individual is the one that characterize existentialism where the philosopher will have to distinguish the confusion of
6 pages (1500 words)Research Paper
This would be influenced by the fact that the human society has already trained the human beings that there is a place called hell where subsequent punishment would be done. For the purpose of this paper, I
5 pages (1250 words)Essay
to others.


It focuses on the concept of existence coming before essence which means that it focuses on the individual and his independent and conscious thinking as well as acting responsibly and not merely as a product of preconceived notions, stereotypes and labels attached to him or assigned to him by others…
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