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Comparing and Contrasting Sky News with American Media Outlets - Essay Example

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Although all media houses normally have one thing in common, which is passing vital information to people, and these media houses normally have some differences. For instance, Sky news is one of the biggest media houses in the UK that offers 24-hour period news (“Sky News”)…
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Comparing and Contrasting Sky News with American Media Outlets
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Download file to see previous pages Although these two media houses main objective is delivering news in various platforms to the world, they also have a number of differences for instance whereas Sky News normally focuses on European news, most of CBS news usually revolves around the US. Apart from analyzing the two media houses, the essay will relay more information on Sky news and CBS in terms of story coverage and whether biasness exists in story among the media houses in terms of coverage and advertisements.
Media houses usually play a very important role in any nation. It is because the media that a nation is able to easily govern its citizens. It would have been such a difficult especially for a government if media houses did not exist. This means that if the government would undergo a lot of trouble in trying to pass messages to its citizens. Apart from easing communication between the government and its citizens, media houses also play a huge role in promotion of markets and organizations. For instance, through media houses, a nation can be able to advertise various aspects such as tourism and business opportunities and this normally results to increase of the economy due to rise in the number of people visiting the nation for business or tourism as advertised.
The fact that there are a large number of media houses globally is enough proof that there is a lot of competition for supremacy. Therefore, for any media house to stand out among the rest it is important that it delivers the right information, at the right time and to the right group of people. This is because high demographics normally enables a media house dominate in the field hence increasing the rate of investment, which is caused by numerous advertisements from various company who approach the media house to advertise their products or businesses. In the US, CBS is one of the biggest media house and because of this it receives many business opportunities that come ion form of advertisement ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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