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  This essay discusses terrorism risk facing the US need to incorporate private sector in homeland security to better preparedness. Community initiatives and private sector are integral components of the homeland security enterprise since the terror attack of September 11, 2001 …
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Securing the Nation from Terrorism Threat
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Securing the Nation from Terrorism Threat
United state has continued to make significant progress in securing the nation from terrorism threat since awake of September 11 attack; however, terrorism risk facing the country have continued to evolved and hence need to incorporate private sector in homeland security to better preparedness and mitigation against terrorism attack (U.S. Department of Homeland Security). Private and community initiatives with respect to disaster preparedness and mitigation can not be ignored, after September 11, 2011 attack, there has been a need to redefine and enhance private and community initiatives to address terrorism attack in the country (Docobo).
Community Initiatives
The local community initiatives that can address mitigation and preparedness against terrorist attack include: Volunteering in the police service, This is initiatives that train civilian volunteers who then can assist in local police department, freeing up officer to critical function that affect community security (Docobo). Also through neighbourhood watch initiatives that encourage civilian to report to authority any suspicious activity in their immediate neighbourhood, according to Docobo in the aftermath of September 11, 2001 neighbourhood watch have taken a greater priority as mean of securing our community.
Community emergency team’s initiatives, these programs provide emergency training to civilians with the aim of enhancing their capacity to respond and mitigate the effect of disasters (Docobo). Also through the initiative of medical reserve corp where skills of practicing and retired physician, health professionals and nurses who are willing to volunteer are brought together and play a mitigation role in the event of large scale emergency situation.
Docobo point out that, since September 11, 2001 community initiatives toward disaster mitigation and preparedness partnership with homeland security play vital role in addressing security issue, this is because communities have dynamic skills necessary to identify, plan, mobilize and respond to terrorist attack (Docobo). However, trust is an important component that builds community participation.
Private Sector Roles
Homeland security in collaboration with the private sector enhances preparedness through various means, which include: developing and implementing risk based transportation, this approach focus on those who pose a threat to the transportation network where passenger and cargo screening are emphasized even in the private sector so that to ensure the security of all American people. (U.S. Department of Homeland Security, 2011) also through airline passenger screening where airline private sector should provide in advance information about passenger prior to departure and this aid to identify personalities that may likely to pose threat to the country (U.S. Department of Homeland Security), also expanding information sharing with the private sector in regard to threat related information, suspicious activity or behaviours that can translate to terrorism event.
According to U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Private sector has a role toward ensuring support infrastructure in their facilities that aid in mitigation and preparedness toward a disaster. This support infrastructure includes evacuation route and procedures, emergency response plan and training and adherence to building code.
In regard to September 11, 2011 attack private sector learned a lesson, i.e. they have a crucial role to in disaster response, planning and recovery, this scan be inferred from the fact that the private sector control most of the infrastructure particularly those which are considered to be high impact target, thus private sector has to the role and responsibility to adhere to national safety standard, communication system and building code that address possible disaster event.
Community initiatives and private sector are integral components of the homeland security enterprise since the terror attack of September 11, 2001; there have been initiatives by both community and private sector that address preparedness and mitigation measures against likely disaster event. These initiatives include information sharing with authority, observing safety standard neighbourhood watch and passengers and cargo screening continue to strengthen homeland security although terrorism also continue to evolve.

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