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The essay "Defining America through Immigration Policy" states that America is characterized by the freedom that every person wants to enjoy. This has lead to many immigrants taking their hopes and dreams to America as they follow the experience of freedom…
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Defining America through Immigration Policy
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The public of the Americans has been against large scale immigration. The majority of them prefer living with the familiar than getting an experience of working with this new group of people whom they fear may not adapt to the American way of life. They do this independent of considering the positive impact made by the immigrants. However, the opposition has been more on some groups and less on others. This has been majorly based on the risk of the Americans losing their jobs and privileges to the immigrants. They fear that the immigrants will take their places in the sectors like the workforce since the immigrant’s engagement has brought significant changes in America’s wages (The National Voter, 2007).
According to The National Voter (2007), the majority of the immigrants go for economic opportunity. This does not mean that they take societal resources. They equally contribute to the growth of the resources since they take part in economic development (The National Voter, 2007). They take up jobs regardless of the pay, which Native Americans cannot do. Read More
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