Character Above All and The Three Words to Live by Duty, Honor, and Country - Essay Example

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The writer of the following essay "Character Above All and The Three Words to Live by Duty, Honor, and Country" attempts to discuss the concept of character in individuals. Specifically, the writer would focus on three particular components of character…
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Character Above All and The Three Words to Live by Duty, Honor, and Country
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Extract of sample "Character Above All and The Three Words to Live by Duty, Honor, and Country"

I believe that character not only portrays the traits of the individual but also the core values and morals that are supported by him.
My experiences in life have made me realize that people with character tend to aim for long term goals and happiness rather than striving for easier and characterless means of resources in life. Character tends to encompass three important traits, namely; duty, honor, and country. With the development of character, there comes the realization of one’s duty towards others and the whole community. I believe that every individual bears a duty to take care of his family and the under-privileged people in his country; for example doing community service or helping out financially challenged family members. Another duty that bears great relevance in my eyes is the duty towards one’s country and to give honor to the things around us. Every individual on the planet is associated with one country that provides him an identity upon his birth; duty and honor towards such a country are no less than spiritual conduct for one of his character traits and values are in accordance with purity and honesty. If there ever exists a threat against my country, I will consider it as my duty and honor to protect it against all possible evil intentions and respect the individuals who spend their whole lives in doing the same.
The character remains as the foremost essence of one’s reality that results in the extent of realization of one’s duty and honor to his country and other worthy things around him. An individual who does not extend his character traits to include these three aspects cannot be termed to have a worthy character. Read More
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Character Above All and The Three Words to Live by Duty, Honor, and Essay.
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