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Racial Issues in Cleveland, Ohio - Assignment Example

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The paper "Racial Issues in Cleveland, Ohio" discusses that in Cleveland, accommodationism ensured that African Americans presented their grievances to the relevant authorities. This strategy succeeded as religious leaders used the church to address the problems faced by the blacks. …
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Racial Issues in Cleveland, Ohio
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Extract of sample "Racial Issues in Cleveland, Ohio"

The local African American community faced several racial problems, which prompted the formation of the Cleveland Community Relations Board. Some of the problems faced by African Americans included discrimination in restaurants and hotels. In addition, the establishment of the board aimed at prohibiting and addressing segregation in pools, playgrounds, and parks. The board became responsible for the resolution of complaints about discrimination in employment, especially after the passing of the fair employment ordinance in 1950 by the city council. The board also helped in addressing the problems faced by African Americans immigrants; this mostly comprised of immigrants from the South. The board worked with labor unions, civil rights groups, as well as industries with the sole aim of improving the conditions of black employees. Federal and state officials first opposed this idea as they deemed that it would lead to chaos. They believed that the formation of this board would herald tensions in most parts of the United States (Miller & Anthony 20-190).

Under the umbrella of religion, black leaders were able to address the concerns of African Americans (Miller & Anthony 20-190). Read More
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(Racial Issues in Cleveland, Ohio Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Racial Issues in Cleveland, Ohio Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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