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The author examines the issue of bullying, a purposeful act that aims at hurting others both emotionally and physically. Some individuals simply define bullying as teasing the other person. However, there is a considerable difference between bullying and teasing in terms of actions and outcome.  …
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The Issue of Bulling
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Bullying develops a painful effect on the victim and the behavior is usually repeated several times on the intended target. It is important to note that bullying is a type of violence against others and thus, cannot be tolerated in any environment (school, work or at home) (Boyle, 2011). Violence is defined as doing harm to an individual, whether mental or physical. Thus, from this definition, bullying is regarded as a form of violence (Bullying Statistics, 2009). Violence is against the law, and bullying is not considered as a form of violence unless it involves an attack. Majority of people see bullying as an unacceptable form of behavior while bullying is seen as a normal part of life (Boyle, 2011).
They argue that the Framers of the Reconstruction Amendment “intended the phrase “privileges and immunities of citizens of the United States” to include the right to keep and bear arms, which was thus explicitly placed beyond “abridgement” by the states” (Merkel and Uviller, 2002, p14). Thus, the Second Amendment is binding on the states. The Amendment has influenced gun control and gun ownership concerning who has the right to bear and keep arms. The topic has brought intense debate with some opposing and others supporting the decision made by the Supreme Court.   Read More
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