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Artificial Reproduction in Humans - Research Paper Example

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This article “Artificial Reproduction in Humans” will take a look at the three artificial or assisted reproductive technologies, will discuss each procedure and explore their applications. It will also consider the various religious sentiments that speak against the procedures…
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Artificial Reproduction in Humans
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Download file to see previous pages In IVF or in-vitro fertilization, where the egg is fertilized by sperm cells outside the womb in a glass container, is a major process that is undertaken when all other methods of artificial reproduction have failed. AI or artificial insemination is the process where the sperm cells from the husband or an anonymous donor are placed within the uterus of the female recipient, by using methods other than sexual intercourse, for the purpose of impregnating her. Embryo transplantation is the process where one or more eggs that have been fertilized under in-vitro conditions, is placed within the uterus of a recipient female that carries the embryo to its full term. Thus all the three processes aim to procreate for childless couples and also for gay partners, that is, for all those who fail to have children normally or cannot adopt, due to certain reasons. However, as in all latest techno-medical innovations, here also, there are certain ethical considerations to be made. The concept of having ‘designer babies,’ and opting for embryo sex selection, have all been made possible with advances in the assisted reproductive technology, and these are the very ideas that have come under controversy in the recent times. Religious morals and certain medical ethics have placed these processes under considerable scrutiny, with a debate going on as to whether having children by artificial means is indeed morally or ethically correct. It will also consider the various ethical and religious sentiments that speak against the procedures, and also scrutinize the various medical benefits of these techniques. This article has taken up a topic that is very interesting, yet extremely controversial too. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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