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The essay “Edge City” discusses the essence of urbanism - our jobs. Here Joel Garreau is referring to the latest American urban phenomena ‘edge cities’. Edge cities are urban commercial centers that have developed at major suburban freeway interchanges around America…
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Edge City
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It is perceived by the population as one place (the place “has it all;” employment, shopping, recreation, etc.) 5. It was nothing like a “city” as recently as thirty years ago (it developed in a vacuum)
There are presently approximately 200 edge cities existing and developing on American highways. According to Garreau Tysons Corner, Virginia, outside Washington, D.C. is a typical edge city. Edge cities are Information Age 21st-century hubs where the bulk of Americans now live, toil, play, pray, mingle, grow up and grow old. (The Garreau Group, no date)
Garreau, J. (1991). Edge City: Life on the new frontier. New York: Doubleday.
Garreau, J. (1999, November 8). Postcards from the edge city. Washington Post, p. A1.
The Garreau Group( no date) Edge City: Life on the New Frontier What Its About?
Accessed on 23, July 2009
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