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Computer Crime and Cyber-Terrorism - Essay Example

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The paper “Computer Crime and Cyber-Terrorism” seeks to evaluate online crime, which has now become a multi-billion dollar business. Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the means they use to get users to disclose confidential financial and personal information…
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Computer Crime and Cyber-Terrorism
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"Computer Crime and Cyber-Terrorism"

Download file to see previous pages Yet another dangerous result of the developments in technology and the availability of the Internet has occurred in the field of cyberterrorism, offering terrorists an expanded platform from which to propagate their ideas and launch their attacks (
 Online crime has now become a multi-billion dollar business. Hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the means they use to get users to disclose confidential financial and personal information, which is then misused. According to an expert in online risk management, the world of computer security is increasingly under threat because users leave large online footprints.(Lush, 2007). Online crime may be of three types – phishing, malware, and corporate attacks.
 Phishing is the practice of sending emails with links that direct users to websites where they unwittingly disclose confidential data or expose their systems to malicious software. It is mainly financial institutions that are targeted through such methods, with the number of such websites being estimated at 55,000 in April 2007 (Lush, 2007). Malware and corporate attacks may destroy or steal confidential business and customer data or may convert a computer system into a “bot”, whereby it is controlled by someone else who gains access to all the sensitive information that is present on the computer. Banks are most often the targets of online crimes. In a recent study conducted at the University of Berkeley, the Bank of America was found to be the largest target of identity theft, followed by other banks such as HSBC and Washington Mutual (Seltzer, 2008). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Computer Crime and Cyber-Terrorism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words)
Computer Crime and Cyber-Terrorism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
“Computer Crime and Cyber-Terrorism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words”, n.d.
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Cyber Terrorism identified by “certificates, smart cards, and biometric technologies like voice, retina and fingerprint identification”. (Ching, 50) A person unable to provide these particulars would be denied access to sensitive systems or the part of the computer system storing sensitive data. Incentives can also be provided to critical sectors like electricity, water supply, etc, to install high security programmes into their systems. Finally, although high technological solutions have been in vogue in recent times, low technological solutions are the best to fight cyber crimes. Internet personnel should be trained well in cyber safety, thus, enabling them to prevent incidences of...
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...of attack against computers, networks, and the information stored therein when done to intimidate or coerce a government or its people in furtherance of political or social objectives. Further, to qualify as cyber terrorism, an attack should result in violence against persons or property, or at least cause enough harm to generate fear. Attacks that lead to death or bodily injury, explosions, plane crashes, water contamination or severe economic loss would be examples” (Denning, 2000, p.1). Two other definitions of the term were created by the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Coleman whose definitions are as follows: “unlawful attacks and threats of attack against...
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...which was sent through malicious emails in the early 2000 that overwrote the files of those who received them costing billions of dollars in the US and elsewhere in the world. While the culprit was known to be in the Philippines, authorities cannot do anything to arrest the individual due to the lack of laws to prosecute the person. This incidence and other crimes facilitated in the internet such as fraud, human trafficking, terrorism prompted the legislative body of such country to craft a law to combat cyber crime. Albeit delayed, the Philippine legislature crafted a Cybercrime Act 9225 and was implemented this year (although a Temporary Restraining Order was issued...
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Cyber Security and Cyber Crime Private Security. 2nd ed. Belmont, USA: Cengage Learning, 2011. This is a law book aimed at giving the reader information on career opportunities in private security. In Part II of the book, Dempsey discusses the problem of computer crime, used interchangeably with cyber crime in the society and businesses. This book would be useful to that scholar seeking supportive surveys as the author documents surveys on cyber crime as conducted by the FBI and National Cyber Security Alliance, NCSA in the US. The book discusses most of the basic security procedure followed so as to mitigate cyber...
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...Introduction Cyber crime is a reference to a criminal activity that is carried out using the internet and the computers. Cybercrime takes the form of defrauding bank accounts that are online and the illegal downloading of music files. Moreover, the creation and distribution of viruses on computers and exposure of confidential information pertaining businesses amount to cyber crime. Criminals use identity theft in order to steal information from other internet users. This form of cyber crime entails luring unsuspecting users into fake websites whereby they enter confidential information (Ştefan p.116)....
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...against cyber terrorism. Interpol in its part is assisting all the member countries and training their personnel to equip themselves with the current trends and forms of fighting cyber terrorism. The Council of Europe Convention on Cyber Crime, which is the first international treaty for fighting against computer crime, is the product of a 4 years work by experts from the 45 member and non-member states that include Japan, USA and Canada. The treaty has already imposed after its endorsement by Lithuania on 21st of March 2004. (Achkoski, J., & Dojchinovski, M. 2011) How to try to avoid...
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...of these agencies inhibits the acquisition of this vital resource thus undermining their operation (Finklea&Theohary, 2013). Question 2 The federal government agencies have the mandate to combat computer crimes. This is a well-organized agency which possesses the necessary expertise and efficient technology to combat digital crimes at the national level. The federal agency has thus created special sections within this organization so as to aid in combating this type of crime, this sections include: The secret service – this division has been created by the agency to fight computer crimes. It has been mandated to enforce the following...
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...Key Words: Cyber Crime, Data Privacy, Internet, Malicious, Non-Malicious Attacks Summary of Article The article "Cyber Threats and Data Privacy" by Birchfield simply provides information about the occurrences and the effects of cyber crime in US and especially in New Zealand. In this article, the author tries to provide a clear meaning of what is meant by the word “cyber crime” and “data privacy.” The author does this by providing detailed information concerning the internet and the role that the internet plays in the current economies. Further, the author gives this explanation by depicting threats that come as a result...
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...Cybercrime The recent cases on data breach within high-profile companies have made many shoppers to have negative attitude towards online shopping.Most shoppers have the view that online shopping is more risky than ever. According to statistics by USA Today poll, 24% of Americans have reduced their frequent use of online purchasing techniques owing to recent incidents on identity theft. This presents an unfortunate situation since even the most careful online shoppers are not guaranteed 100% protection from identity theft or credit card fraud. One of the latest cybercrimes according to cyber security bloggers involves hacking of beauty supply chain Sally Beauty (SBH). Underground marketplaces posted a batch of stolen...
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...definition has been laid out by Article 1.1 of the Stanford Draft International Convention to Enhance Protection from Cyber Crime and Terrorism (Gercke, 2012). This convention highlights the fact the cybercrimes include acts related to cybersystems. Other definitions have been considered, mostly that cybercrimes include computer-mediated activities which are unlawful or defined as unlawful by some parties, and these would be likely implementable within the international network (Gercke, 2012). Such specific definitions do not however include instances where physical hardware are used in the commission of crimes; however, under these conditions,...
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