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An Average Family Living in the Hurricane-Prone Area - Case Study Example

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In this case study, the situation of an average family living in the hurricane-prone area is analyzed. The analysis is performed on different levels. We closely look at the prevention and avoiding severe crisis due to disaster. We should take every measure to protect human life in the face of a disaster…
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An Average Family Living in the Hurricane-Prone Area
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Extract of sample "An Average Family Living in the Hurricane-Prone Area"

Download file to see previous pages It is really hard to come up with perfect and adequate prevention, evacuation, and rebuilding plan. Plans tend not to work out the way they were designed originally. However, just as we create a portfolio of diverse investments to protect ourselves from the fluctuations of markets, we must prepare a portfolio of different scenarios that will prepare us to some extent for such situations as the Katrina aftermath. As Jack Welch mentioned, "Immunity to crises comes from learning". Now, that the hurricane is over a lot of work has to be done to rebuild damages and help people return to relatively normal life. As we all know by now Katrina and its aftermath have placed many people without homes and without any possessions. The damage is done, but what would like to discuss is what families can do to prepare financially for future natural disasters and some simple steps that a family can take to ensure that they won't be swept away of everything (Cornejo, 2006). After doing some research it was found that most victims of Katrina were either underinsured or not insured at all. About 60% of all homeowners in the United States are underinsured or not insured at all, meaning that their homeowner's insurance does to not cover the full replacement cost value of their home. Many people probably don't even know what the full replacement cost of their home is, even sure did not. The full replacement cost value of a person home is what it would cost to rebuild your home on the land it sits on now, it is not how much you could get for it if you sold it in the market. It is also important to report any home improvements made to our new home to our insurance company. Any home improvement would certainly increase the value of our home; therefore the replacement cost would increase. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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An Average Family Living in the Hurricane-Prone Area Case Study.
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