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Consumer Awareness of the Social Costs of Ethanol Production and How This Knowledge Affects Public Acceptance - Research Proposal Example

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The paper contains a research proposal of the study titled "Consumer awareness of the social costs of ethanol production and how this knowledge affects public acceptance" which will help to analyze how many people of USA are actually aware of the social cost of ethanol production. …
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Consumer Awareness of the Social Costs of Ethanol Production and How This Knowledge Affects Public Acceptance
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Extract of sample "Consumer Awareness of the Social Costs of Ethanol Production and How This Knowledge Affects Public Acceptance"

Download file to see previous pages Experiments prove that ethanol results in lesser pollution risk to potable water. (Ethanol As A transportation Fuel, n.d.)
However, in spite of so many advantages, ethanol production has some global implications, too. The shift towards biofuels is a threat to forests and biodiversity, the increase in food prices, along with the competition for water resources as a negative impact of the use of biofuels. Therefore, research can be designed that can assess consumer awareness in the USA and the people's attitude towards the social cost of ethanol production.
In order to do any research, one needs to develop research methods. It comprises a variety of planned and scientific techniques that are value neutral. It is designed to maximize the accuracy of the results. First and foremost thing required for effective research is a proper representative of the researched population through effective sampling, in order to ensure that it is the proper representation of the population under study. (What Are Research Methods, April 2008)
The methodology also involves what type of information and data to gather, and the choice of information along with other methodological choices. The proposed research is an inductive one, where generalization can be made based on the response of the sample. It is also going to be a cross-sectional survey, where the response of the population would be made on a single time frame. (What is Methodology, n.d.)
The proposed research is based on the questionnaire and interview that will help in the proper response. The research is intended to measure awareness amongst a group of people from varying educational background, age, income, household location, gender, etc. Before commencing on the final research, a pilot study is intended to eradicate any flaws in the questionnaire, interview techniques or variable selection.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Consumer Awareness of the Social Costs of Ethanol Production and How Research Proposal)
Consumer Awareness of the Social Costs of Ethanol Production and How Research Proposal.
“Consumer Awareness of the Social Costs of Ethanol Production and How Research Proposal”, n.d.
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