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The Effects of Ethanol Production - Assignment Example

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Programs have been designed, formulated, and implemented, encouraging the use of ethanol in the many fields that it can possibly serve. Expanding these programs…
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The Effects of Ethanol Production
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Extract of sample "The Effects of Ethanol Production"

The Effects of Ethanol Production Affiliation: The use of ethanol is broad in scope due to the myriad purposes that it serves across social and economic contexts. Programs have been designed, formulated, and implemented, encouraging the use of ethanol in the many fields that it can possibly serve. Expanding these programs can be beneficial enhancing the economic performance of the various sectors of the economy. These benefits can vary depending on the specific area of concern, but the common denominator is that users of ethanol stand a better chance to benefit than lose.
As already highlighted, ethanol serves myriad purposes. They include, but are not limited to, liquor production, solvent agent, cleaning solution, fuel, and an additive that enhances clean burning of petrol (Dvorchak, 2012). Given these and more uses, programs that encourage the use of ethanol are bound to expand the applicability and use of ethanol across the various sectors of the economy. The already identified scope of ethanol use cuts across the lives of individual households to industrial use of ethanol. In this respect, economic gains are at the top of the benefits that can possibly be reaped from continued use of ethanol.
To realize the desired results in encouraging use of ethanol, stakeholders in the formulation and implementation of the enhancing programs have to invest in the relevant projects that showcase the benefits of producing and using ethanol for different purposes. Moreover, these programs must entail awareness creation to the targeted parties, meaning that all persons on board have the capacity to evaluate the benefits and shortcomings of ethanol production and use. Individuals, firms, and governments have independent decisions to make regarding the use of ethanol, meaning that these programs do not violate the rights and freedoms of choice in the use products available in the economy.
Amid the ever rising environmental concerns, ethanol is increasingly becoming one of the most environmental friendly products that can be applied across a broad social and economic scope. Ethanol use is not limited to specific areas due to the diversity of purposes that it serves. Most importantly, use of ethanol as an additive in petrol to enhance clean burning impacts positively on the environment (Darcy & Marsha, 2006). On the same note, ethanol can be used as an alternative source of fuel for household, commercial, or industrial use. Therefore, encouraging the use of ethanol through the relevant programs improves household, commercial, and industrial social and economic welfare.
Concerns on the production of ethanol emanates from its application and use. Due to the diverse purposes that ethanol can serve, the possibility of using ethanol for illegal purposes is high. As a result, the production and subsequent use of ethanol could be bound to increased regulation by the relevant agencies or authorities. On the negative side, increased production and use of ethanol could render many businesses and enterprises that deal with ethanol substitutes dormant. This could translate to an economic crisis in the society if the necessary actions are not taken. However, stakeholders should integrate change management in their business lines to deal with such eventualities. Therefore, the benefits of increased use of ethanol outweigh the costs.
Darcy, H. & Marsha, W. (2006). The business guide to sustainability: practical strategies and tools for organizations. Michigan: Earthscan.
Dvorchak, G. (2012). "Feeling Parched". Consumer Cyclicals. The Street, Inc.: http://www.realmoney.thestreetcom/articles/08/15/2012/feeling-parched Read More
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The Effects of Ethanol Production Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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