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Sexual Discrimination against Women - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Sexual Discrimination against Women,” the author discusses sexual discrimination against women, which has been a rising concern in the company during the last few weeks. The female employees are not being given the caliber of corporate opportunities they deserve…
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Sexual Discrimination against Women
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Extract of sample "Sexual Discrimination against Women"

Download file to see previous pages This report presents a detailed investigation and analysis of female employment in this firm through three different angles; the basic facts and figures regarding female workers, the causes behind their delayed promotions, and their leadership skills. All three aspects have been precisely described in this report in order for you to find an appropriate solution for the problem at hand so that the matter is handled in a peaceful manner.
I am always available to answer any queries you have regarding this subject. I look forward to your response to this concern, hoping that any further sexual discrimination among the employees is avoided and the existing spirit of teamwork among them remains unaffected.
Since the last few weeks, the matter of female employment in the ABC Consultancy Firm has risen. Various employees are of the opinion that female workers are not being treated as well as they deserve, in the company. I have been receiving consistent complaints saying that women are deliberately being passed up for promotions, salary raises, and leadership positions in order to give way to men to occupy the managerial positions.
Assuming that some research is vital before handing over the case to you, I took the liberty of conducting a poll study, through my staff, regarding views of various managers on female management in the firm. The survey was divided into three different categories:
The first study was b...
The second study was based on the factors that restricted female executives to reach corporate managerial positions. A list of various causes was prepared for the poll, of which female executives agreed more to than male executives.
The third study was based upon views of female executives on the role of certain factors that increase the number of female managers. Most of them agreed that their management talent and unique ideas are two chief factors that increase the number of female managers.
I recommend that the promotions program be immediately revised, and rectified if need be, as this is not proving to be a healthy event for the firm.
During the last few weeks, quite a large number of employees at the ABC Consultancy Firm have been questioning the treatment of female workers regarding promotions. According to these employees, ABC Consultancy Firm, which holds the slogan of equity to all workers irrespective of their gender, prioritizes men over equally qualified women, for managerial positions. In order to avoid conflicts between the employees and the administration, and protect the company from a bad reputation, it is absolutely necessary to investigate this matter at its grass-root level. An appropriate solution provided by the firm's administration, after a thorough examination of the state of female employment in the firm, hopefully, should protect both, the workers and the firm.
A study carried out by our staff, extracted views of all the current employees of the firm concerning the matter of female employment.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Sexual Discrimination Against Women Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Sexual Discrimination Against Women Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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