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Court Security Issues - Essay Example

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This paper “Court Security Issues” intends to analyze the security requirements of courts and endeavors to present an action plan in this context. The primary task of a court is to administer justice and resolve disputes which at times may result in aggressive behaviors from any of the party.

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Court Security Issues
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Extract of sample "Court Security Issues"

Download file to see previous pages Similarly, there is always a potential of natural or eventual calamities such as earthquakes, floods, torrents abrupt fire etc. Regardless the kind of occurrence, the expansion and appraisal of the security of court in terms of debacle vigilance has become essential for smooth and prompt performance of justice. There must be a feeling of “being secured’ not only on the part of general public but among the court officials like judges and other workers while performing their duties. The higher officials of the courts have undoubtedly been concerned with security issues for their clients and workers; nevertheless, minimal action has been actually taken to evaluate the susceptibility of the courthouses against any potential criminal or environmental disaster. Thus, the need of developing a fully instituted security plan is more than imperative. (Wax, p. 1, 1994). The Court Security Plan
This plan is primarily divided into two parts:
A. General Rudiments for Security
B. Functional Rudiments for security

Now I proceed to discuss each of them in detail:

A-General Rudiments for Security
1. Correspondence Management
There must be detailed procedures for correspondence management together with arrangements of screening and x-ray for each delivered mail and the particular processes for dealing with any doubtful parcel or mail.
2. Control over Login IDs and Passwords
Privacy policy must be in black and white with clear authentication of concerned officials for the access to specific records.
3. Arrangement for Parking
A detailed parking plan needs to be prepared with assigned areas for higher officials and some illicit procedure of entry and exit should be in practice.
4. Interruption/ Warning Alarm
A prescribed alarming system needs to be installed with clear response instructions to the staff against each of it. Test drills are essential in this regard.

5. Fire Inspections
A regular practice of checking all fire control equipments like the extinguishers, pull stations etc. A staff member must be assigned this job to carry it out promptly. He must also have the contacts list for repair and maintenance.
6. Services of Private Security Companies
This aspect requires extra attention. A record of background information about the guards must be there. Their weapons needs to be checked and duties clearly defined regarding patrolling, reception and screening etc ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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