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This paper tells that it is amazing how things change with time, significantly and substantially. Mostly, people change as time progresses. Perhaps due to the effects of civilization and globalization, places, people and social aspects of life go through complete transformational processes. …
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Life One Hundred Years Ago
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One hundred years ago, everything was different, not like it is today. However, the change was gradual and took a long time. Many stories and beliefs exist about life one hundred years ago. Most of them describe how life was, for instance, the organization of the society, socialization, leadership styles then and the economic activities of the people. Some of these stories are true, though only a few a true account of how exactly things happened then. What is more interesting than getting a true account of the most significant events that took place in this society that you live in today than from a person who was there then, and witnessed it all happen? Everything contained in this narration did happen. Although I might not go into every detail of what happened, as people would expect, I wish I could. With aging, I have forgotten some of the simplest details.
Unlike today, traveling from one part of the world to another was unheard of. How could people travel from one point to another? Not with the use of chariots and horses that knew no veterinary. However, I commend the person who invented the train, for the stories that granny told me were worrisome; they did not have any means of transport. Crossing from one end of a river to the other was via a rope by sliding through the rope to get to the other end of the river. Many unfortunate travelers lost their lives when the rope snapped. They made ready meals for the hungry crocodiles praying for a miracle to bring one down. When unfortunately to a traveler the rope snapped, it was a fortunate moment of celebration for the crocodiles. You cannot imagine the joy these people had when a traveler, claiming to come from far land introduced to them logged bridges. Next were the rafts and later the ship. When our people, using canoes, rafts, and on top of camels went on journeys, people heard nothing from them until their return. However, soon they were able to write letters to their loved ones back at home.
One hundred years ago, according to granny then, we were lucky; there were clothes, there were railways, there was a class of people calling themselves the elite, who had gone to school and learned formally. One of my uncles who inspired my transformation was part of this class. Stories from those used to traveling pointed out that man could fly as birds did. More captivating news said that there was life on Mars. This was miracles to my granny who thought that was heaven. She lived long enough to see the first man in our village to marry a foreigner and who owned a car, my learned uncle who was considered the star of the village.
One time, my educated uncle went on one of his journeys to the city, where he said that he worked. Some of the jealous people especially the women asserted that uncle was, in fact, an intelligent thief in the city and not a worker. He used to tell stories of the big factory that he worked in, owned by Americans. He even boasted how the daughter of the owner was in love with him. He got the chance to receive education from a friend he had made when he was a young trader in the great trade. When he came one day with the news that he was traveling beyond lakes and seas to a place called America, we did not doubt him. The village rejoiced in a farewell party held on his behalf, as people prayed for him. Finally, when he left, we lost count of the days he was gone. It could have been eight full moons, twelve, or anything. When he returned, he came along with stories of the advanced world out there.
Intentionally, uncle had again done what he knew best when he came from the far lands. Not only had he transformed, but he also came along with a foreign wife. A woman whose language nobody knew apart from her and uncle. He also changed his dress code. He wore nice suits that made him look sharp and intelligent. He also came with a gun, and a car, the only one ever seen in the village. He told us stories of how things were different in America, how the cities had towering buildings, taller than the tallest tree in the village. He even told us how people there used to walk hand in hand in the streets since they loved each other. This made me beg uncle to take me to America with him the next time he traveled. Of course, he could not afford it. However, when the government started the program of taking children to America to study so that on return they could help in changing our country, I struggled to be part of the troupe. There was no way I could miss the great things from uncle’s stories. When the day came, I was overwhelmed with joy. Finally, I said goodbye to the land of China and said hello to America. Read More
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Life One Hundred Years Ago Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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