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Should the Government Allow Same Sex Marriage: Yes - Research Paper Example

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The author gives a brief summary of the situation and discussion of the requisite parts of discussion will help to integrate a more full and complete understanding of the topic as well as a non-emotional approach to an issue that has thus far inflamed emotions on both sides of the political spectrum. …
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Should the Government Allow Same Sex Marriage: Yes
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Download file to see previous pages Accordingly, this brief analysis will seek to discuss some of the main reasons and rationale behind why gay marriage should be legal and fully allowed within each and every one of the states that comprise the union. The importance of the universality of gay marriage within the United States is something that is oftentimes not understood; however, the fact of the matter is that in order for legal gay marriage to mean anything at all, it must be realized within each and every one of the 50 states that comprise the union. This has to do with a litany of factors; not the least of which is with regards to the financial recognition of the institution of marriage that the federal government this does upon the couple. It is the hope of this author that through an analysis of the arguments in support of same-sex marriage, the reader can come to a basic understanding of the logic-based approach that those in favor of same-sex marriage can employ. One of the arguments that many individuals opposed to gay marriage often cites is with regards to the fact that gay marriage is itself unnatural due to the fact that it does not typify a “traditional marriage”. The greatest weakness with regards to this particular point of view is due to the fact that there exists no such definition of the “traditional marriage” that these individuals so often site. Even with regards to anthropology, sociology, or history one can readily find a litany of examples of marriage that were based on polygamy, child brides, arranged marriages, or the use and prevalence of mistresses and concubines. Taken from another perspective, monogamy itself or even choosing to remain unmarried could be termed “unnatural”. As a function of this, the reader can and should realize that there never...
This essay stresses that one of the most prominent social questions that exist within the current time is whether or not gay marriage should be legal. The United States is had a very long history of discrimination based upon race, religion, ethnicity, and gender. Unfortunately, even though the United States prides itself on being a free society that offers a range of freedoms to the individuals that choose to live within its borders, the reality is that many of the freedoms that are available to citizens of other countries and regions are not available to individuals within the United States.
This paper makes a conclusion that the issue of gay marriage can but be understood from a single perspective. Moreover, due to the fact that the nation itself has a long and dark history of repression, discrimination, and sexism, using tradition and culture to define what marriage should and should not be is ultimately a very weak position to take. Although this brief analysis is only integrated with a handful of arguments in favor of same-sex marriage, the fact of the matter is that a thesis length dissertation could be written on this topic and ultimately, to the same conclusions that this short analysis has revealed. It is the further belief of this author that in much the same way as the civil rights movement, the suffragist movement, and the anti-slavery movement before these contributed to a greater societal understanding of rights and privileges of the disenfranchised, the arguments surrounding same-sex marriage will do very much the same within our own era. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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