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International Organizations - Essay Example

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This paper analyzes the ever-increasing globalization which in the contemporary times has given way to the development and acceptance of supranational bodies- which are known to extend beyond and transcend the existing influence held by separate sovereign nation state. …
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International Organizations
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Download file to see previous pages it consists of the national governments of these member states along with some form of supranational institution which has influence over the decisions being enacted. These member states abide by some form of governing constitution which enforces certain rules upon them, adherence to these rules is mandatory for being a part of the union, in order to maintain discipline and control. This constitutional framework of the union is established on the basis of some Treaties among all the member states. Once the union has been established, and the constitution been made, then remains the question of power and decision making. It is necessary for the members to agree upon the type of decision making under consideration, since it will serve as the basis for all decisions to follow. There are two most prominent forms of governance with regards to supranational bodies such as the EU, United Nation, and NAFTA etc.: Intergovernmental form of Decision Making: this form of decision making provides sovereignty to the member states, under this type the decisions are reached with consensus amongst the sovereign governments of the member states, and the supranational body exists to coordinate the successful execution of the unanimous decisions. Federal form of Decision Making: this is a type which gives the supranational body more individualistic power over the member states, since it calls for the submission of some rights by the member-states’ governments to the union, which makes decision which is binding upon the member nations. The intergovernmental form of decision making regards the union as an international body, which is separate from the governments of the member states, whereas the federal form of decision making regards the union as a federation, which comprises of various...
This essay stresses that European Union is a an entity which has influenced the ways in which the European nations interact with each other, and how they collaborate in order to develop one single entity in face of the rest of the world. The success of the EU over 50 years of its life with regards to the spheres it covers is commendable; it started off as a mere economic cooperation union and extended to develop into a widely known multifaceted organization which covers political, social, developmental, environmental and international affairs on behalf of its member states.
This paper makes a conclusion that the EU’s decision making process is an intricately woven net which has undergone a lot of amendments and alterations overtime. Initially it was created with the aspiration of being a single entity which would represent Europe through representation of sovereign and independent states, and be a purely intergovernmental institution, however with time and constraints it was discovered that this approach is highly inadequate, and in order to be a single entity which agrees ion unanimous decisions within a limited time frame, it is necessary that the member states give up some of their rights to a representatively elected European Parliament, within the Council of Ministers, who then decide upon different matters which would be binding upon the nation states. Along with this federal form of decision making by the union, the partially sovereign states also reserve the right to decide upon key policy issues for their independent nation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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