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Investigations to Carry Out a Diagnosis - Assignment Example

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The paper "Investigations to Carry Out a Diagnosis" highlights that The most probable test for the upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage is referred to as ‘‘Esaphago gastro duodenoscopy’’ and not only assists to locate the hemorrhage site but also provides salutary intercessions…
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Investigations to Carry Out a Diagnosis
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Extract of sample "Investigations to Carry Out a Diagnosis"

Download file to see previous pages The specimen B test on full blood count was performed in order to establish what condition the patient was suffering from and create a methodology that could be useful for diagnosis. The platelet cell count of the patient was within the normal range while that of WBC cells is high. The cells count of both Hb and HCT is relatively low (Karp, 2008)
Blood specimen A was tested in order to establish blood pressure. The patient is likely to be suffering from low blood pressure given that he has heightened levels in the volume of the blood. Hylemic shock is likely to be caused by a large amount of blood in the vomit.
In mild or pronounced results hypovolemia is likely to lead to tachycardia. Loss in blood volume of up to 50 percent is likely to result in supine hypotension (Saltzman, 2013). This is because it amounts to inadequate tissue perfusion and reduced intravascular volume. When circulating in low volumes it is likely to lead to a reduced venous return to cardiac output and the heart. What results will be low volumes to the tissues which will only allow tissues limited supply both nutrients and oxygen? In the event of Hypovolemic shock, the fatality could be present through strained respiratory diseases, severe tubular necrosis or likely organ failure (Yamada, t. & Alpers, d. h.2008)
In a bid to comprehend how the body aptly reacts to hypertension the tests would be useful. Normally, it responds by activation of compensatory mechanisms. The carotid and aortic receptors identify the low volume of blood and increase the sympathetic activity which causes increased heart rate and peripheral vasoconstriction. The vasoconstriction is the likely result of cold, clammy skin while tachycardia is characterized by increased heart rate. Inadequate perfusion results in low blood flow to the brain causing tissue hypoxia, thus, anxiety and confusion. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Investigations to Carry Out a Diagnosis Assignment.
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