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What Problems Does the Jury Face When Science Enters the Courtroom - Coursework Example

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The paper "What Problems Does the Jury Face When Science Enters the Courtroom" highlights that in general, Manifold are the bounties of science and science has brought multiple advantages to the West in particular and to the rest of the world in general…
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What Problems Does the Jury Face When Science Enters the Courtroom
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Extract of sample "What Problems Does the Jury Face When Science Enters the Courtroom"

Download file to see previous pages The proponents of science hold that science is a way of life that is based on solid facts, data and experimentation. That is why scientific theories and dogmas enjoy much higher levels of veracity and credibility as compared to other academic disciplines. So much so, that scientific approach towards research and experimentation has been incorporated within the ambit of other disciplines and fields of enquiry like sociology, history, economics, jurisprudence, psychology, etc. The fact is that science has infiltrated every aspect of life and human existence and today there exists practically no social institution or concern that is devoid of scientific methods and approaches. Especially in the realm of law, science has brought about an unprecedented change and revolution. In the 21st century, scientific evidence is legitimately welcomed and accommodated in all the courts of law and it holds credibility and veracity about which there exists no doubt. The scientific community has also promptly responded to this new challenge and responsibility by developing new disciplines like forensics that specifically cater to the realm of law and the techniques like fingerprint evidence, DNA fingerprinting, etc hold an almost unchallenged recognition in the courts of law.
With the digitization of the economies and scientific orientation of the means and ways of production, the courts of law are often required to contend with the litigations that require considerable amounts of scientific data and inputs. There is no denying the fact that the courts in the West have over the centuries, incorporated certain cardinal instruments within their frameworks and the jury is one such integral aspect of such legal frameworks. For good or for bad, the litigations requiring scientific data and discussion are not devoid of the decisive influence of juries and the concerned scientific evidence furnished in such cases is as much open to analysis by the jury as by judges, lawyers, litigants and other parties involved.
The entrance of science in the courtrooms has given way to a plethora of questions, apprehensions and doubts.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(What Problems Does the Jury Face When Science Enters the Courtroom Coursework)
What Problems Does the Jury Face When Science Enters the Courtroom Coursework.
“What Problems Does the Jury Face When Science Enters the Courtroom Coursework”.
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