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The Concept of Electromagnetic Waves and its Relation to the Concept of Light - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Electromagnetic waves are waves that are generated through the combination of magnetic fields with electric fields. Electromagnetic waves occur in a vertical direction to both electric and magnetic waves and at the same time perpendicular to each other…
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The Concept of Electromagnetic Waves and its Relation to the Concept of Light
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Hertz used the theory formulated by Maxwell to come up with the radio waves. Electric charges are surrounded by electric fields. The electric field changes when these charges move to form magnetic fields. Through electromagnetic induction, the changes in the magnetic field create electromagnetic forces, which in turn cause a change in the value of the electric field in a particular region of space.
Electromagnetic waves are perhaps the most important conclusion arising from the works of Maxwell. Regardless of the frequency or the wavelength of a wave, the wave will always move at a constant speed. The speed of the wave is entirely independent of the manner of its creation. After creation of a wave, the motion of the wave through space depends on the interaction of its electric and magnetic fields. The speed of the wave has no relationship with the physical charge that created it.
Certain materials can only allow electric field vectors to propagate through them in only one direction. Materials of this type are called polarizer’s; they absorb or reflect all waves having electric field vectors that are not aligned to their axis of transmission. In the case where the electric field vector aligned imperfectly with the axis of transmission, it is only possible that the component of the field vector that is along the transmission will go` through the polarizer. The electromagnetic wave is polarized the transmission axis after passing through the polarizer. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Concept of Electromagnetic Waves and Its Relation to the Concept Admission/Application Essay)
The Concept of Electromagnetic Waves and Its Relation to the Concept Admission/Application Essay.
“The Concept of Electromagnetic Waves and Its Relation to the Concept Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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