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Known and Unknown Limits of Space and Time - Assignment Example

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This research paper examines space and time, holding immense importance in philosophical terms as well as in relation to human existence. With regards to space and time, gravity is a critical force which mediates the two phenomena. The relationship between space and time have been substantial…
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Known and Unknown Limits of Space and Time
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Extract of sample "Known and Unknown Limits of Space and Time"

Download file to see previous pages This essay demonstrates that black holes have attracted much attention from scientists and physicists due to their association with high gravitational pulls which is why it is important for understanding the limits of space and time, as well as the broader universal context. Black holes are curious due to the high amount of gravitational force surrounding its edges. As a result, light energy is trapped in its core because it cannot escape a large amount of pull. Since gravity is an important parameter in the understanding of space and time, black holes are also points of interest for scientists and physicists who want to study the behavior of gravity surrounding black holes in order to figure out its relation to velocity, space, and time. Known limits include matter and the continuation of time. The existence of matter with respect to space is a limit in itself as explained by Hegel.Black holes are understood of being curious stars that can only be examined by observing its impact on the surrounding spatial objects.It all comes down to Einstein’s Theory of Relativism whereby gravity is a result of distortion of a given mass of matter in space and time.
Therefore there are still many mysteries to unlock regarding black holes in order to understand the limits of space and time beyond matter and its relation to the age of physical objects. The known limits of space and time largely relate to Einstein’s findings regarding the behavior of matter in space and time as it is impacted by gravity in different spatial situations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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