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A Leader in Edication Tells about his Achievements - Thesis Example

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The author of the following paper casts light upon the fact that this paper is a reflection of the interview that he conducted with a leader in education who is from Australia but currently working in the UAE. The interview is part 1 of a difficult three-step process…
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A Leader in Edication Tells about his Achievements
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Extract of sample "A Leader in Edication Tells about his Achievements"

Download file to see previous pages The interview discusses a host of issues that range from bullying at schools to the interactions between the staff and students in ways that would benefit the school and the environment for education in the school. The interview also covered aspects like involving the parents in assessing the needs of their children and helping out the teachers in mentoring them better. The main purpose of the interview was to find out from the leader in education about the project on which she was working while she was in Australia. The idea behind the interview was to implement some of the methods that she worked upon as part of a comprehensive student management policy that she developed as part of her work in Australia. To give an idea about her experience, she was a principal in a primary school that taught classes KG- 7 for over thirty years and hence she has a wide range of expertise and enough experience in the field of education. The person whom I interviewed introduced far-ranging changes in her school and helped the school make a name for itself in the field of imparting quality education and treating its children well. The overall objective was to make the students leaders in their chosen fields and equip them with the necessary skills to face the future without fear and with confidence.  The stakeholders in the project that she was involved with are the students, teachers, parents and the leadership forum. From the outset, it was made clear to all the stakeholders that the agenda for the project ought to be clearly defined and understood and if any of them had any issues with the agenda, they were to report the same in writing to the leadership team to get them clarified and spelled out exactly what they wanted. The common goals for the project were the express purpose of implementing a comprehensive student management policy that included an anti-bullying plan among other things and the fact that every school must have a code of conduct that makes corporal punishment illegal and hence an offense. Upon reflection of this agenda, it is clear that there was a structured approach towards the issue of student management and a clear directive to the schools to desist from corporal punishment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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