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Why green energy should come to austin - Essay Example

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The above phrase very well suits to the current environmental problems faced by entire world. The most worried among all of these is 'Global Warming'. The main cause of this problem is our ignorance towards Mother Nature. We had been utilizing its natural resources without thinking about the consequences to be faced.
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Why green energy should come to austin
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Download file to see previous pages More and more people are migrating to urban areas in search of jobs or better residence. This leads to higher consumption of water, electricity, gas and other basic utilities. The population of Austin has grown at the rate of 48% in 1990s and 3.4% annually. The current population of Austin is more than 7,400,000 according to 2007 census. The city was ranked 16th among the fastest growing cities in the entire US.
The rapidly growing urbanization has also raised several environmental issues. The growing population has raised the need of housing and the development of industries has also given rise to realty issues. The land prices are growing rapidly making it difficult for people to but affordable homes. The high realty rates have created housing problem in Austin. At present about 4000 are homeless in Austin and 18% of people are below poverty line.
The growing urbanization had also resulted in many other problems such as, transport, electricity, water. It has increased the demand of public transport, electricity, and water supply. There is also increasing demand of public transport and better infrastructure to meet the ever-raising demand.
The increased consumption has also raised issues of availability of fresh water. The water consumption of city has growing very rapidly and there are hardly few initiatives to recycle the waste water. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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