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Microbiology - Essay Example

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Cell organelles are subunits within a cell that have their own specific function within that cell. They are known as cell organelles because they play similar roles that organs play in a body. There are many different types of cell organelles, each designed to do something specific, yet having the capability of working with the rest of the cell organelles in any given cell.
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Microbiology Essay
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Download file to see previous pages As they contain water, they are able to make sure that the latter possibility remains in effect.
The cell wall is a tough and flexible layer that surrounds many types of cells. It can be found outside of the cell membrane and plays the part of acting like a "pressure vessel," being able to prevent the cell from over-expanding when water enters it. They are found in plants, algae, and fungi - many organisms that need water as a part of their growth. The cell wall also filters what enters and exits the cell.
The cell membrane can be found between the cellular machinery inside the cell and the fluid that can be found outside of the cell. The cell membrane is a permeable lipid bilayer that can be found in all cells, in all types of organisms. The cell membrane acts as a type of skin, separating the intracellular components from the environment of the extracellular components. The cell membrane helps to add shape to the cell and aids in the forming of tissue.
The nucleus is the DNA provider of eukaryotic cells; in fact, the foremost function of the nucleus is to control gene expression as well as the replication of DNA during cell cycles. The structure of the nucleus allows it to control what it needs to, yet keeps itself away from the rest of the cytoplasm where it sees fit. The nucleus also contains pores that allow free movement of molecules and ions that need to pass through.
The structure of the Golgi apparatus, the organelle that helps to process proteins for secretion, contains numerous membrane-bound stacks that are known as cisternae. The purpose of the cisternae is to modify the contents that enter the organelle based on where they would reside within the cell or organism. Each stack of cisternae on the Golgi apparatus contain five functional regions, each one capable of selectively modifying the contents of the organism.
Endoplasmic reticulum are responsible for protein translation, the production and storage of glycogen and steroids, transporting the proteins that are required within the cell, among many other functions. The structure of endoplasmic reticulum is made up of a quantity of cisternae, allowing the filtering of what goes inside the organelle and what is released.
Lysosomes are organelles whose function is to digest excess or worn out organelles and engulfed bacteria and viruses. There is a membrane that surrounds the lysosomes which allow them to digest enzymes at the pH level that they require. The structure of lysosomes aid in the digesting of their contents into other, suitable cells, so their outermost layer consist of pores and other smaller tools to allow them to dispense their waste.
Secretory vesicles can be found along the cytoskeleton, as they travel the edge of the cell walls. Proteins are modified with the secretory vesicles, which are designed to suck in and release the proteins at will, once they have been modified and are ready to be released. The vesicles are able to fuse with the cell membrane, more specifically at the porosome, where it is able to dump out its contents out of the environment of the cell.
Ribosomes are "complexes of RNA and protein" that can be found in every cell. Due to the structure of the ribosome, they are often said to resemble the eukaryotic cells of bacteria, showing the interesting origin of this specific organelle. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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