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Protein Targeting and Integrations - Research Paper Example

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Protein Targeting and integration to the various mitochondrial layers is a highly complex process, mainly because the mitochondria import a considerable level of the protein content consumed from the cytoplasm. The importation process is faced by a number of challenges, which…
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Protein Targeting and Integrations
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Download file to see previous pages The mitochondrial matrix is a viscous fluid that carries hundreds of enzyme components, which are responsible for different functions. The mitochondrion is a cell component that plays the role of producing energy. For this reason, it is also called the cell powerhouse. This cell organelle is characteristic with eukaryotic organisms, ad its size varies between 0.5 to 10 micrometers. The mitochondrion is composed of different components: mitochondrion ER, the matrix, intermembrane space, inner membrane and the outer membrane. The inner and outer membrane layers are formed by phospholipids layers and protein, while the matrix is formed by varied enzymes and it plays many functions (Lodish et al., 2000; Das & Robbins, 1988).
Protein import into mitochondrial matrix takes place across the outer and the inner mitochondrial membranes. Unfolded proteins components are routed into the matrix region with a chaperone type protein; the communication model required for channeling the precursor protein to the mitochondrial matrix, from the cytosol is comprised of an N-terminal matrix-targeting series. The translocation of the precursors to the matrix series takes place at sites where the inner and outer membranes are close to one another. In the area of targeting and synthesis there is the usage of the proto-motive force, and the protein F-class ATPase – towards the synthesis of the ATP. A major type of the proteins routed to the matrix area is synthesized at the cytosol, and then integrated into the mitochondrion. The largest proportion of the processed proteins is taken to the matrix, while the remaining portion is taken to the intermembrane area or stored at the inner or outer membrane areas (Lodish et al., 2000; Austen & Westwood, 1991).
Protein importation into the mitochondrial matrix area: as a originator protein, whish is characteristic with an N-terminal matrix-targeting series (red), comes from the cytosolic ribosome, binding to the chaperone proteins, for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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