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Mathematics - Essay Example

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By the dictionary Mathematics is the study of the measurement, properties, and relationships of quantities and sets, using numbers and symbols. But that is not the only definition we can attribute to Mathematics. The scope of Mathematics is so wide that it goes beyond any sets of measurements or calculation, so much so that it has bearings on our daily life, our social and cultural developments and even on our spiritual self…
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Mathematics Essay
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Download file to see previous pages Mathematics is major component of our culture and we need to learn more and more of it. Mathematics has been considered a necessity and essentiality what ever time period. Plato's Academy was marked with phrase "Let no one ignorant of Geometry enter here"
Mathematics enjoys unshakable foundation and its basis is pure rationality. It promotes rational thinking and ideas and leaves nothing to chance. Even the chance or the probability is dealt in a very rational and logical manner. Logic grew into thriving field through algebraically minded mathematicians like George Boole, Ernst Schroder, Balzano, Ferge and Hilbert.
The history of Mathematics goes as far back as 30000 BC when Paleolithic people in Central Europe and France recorded numbers on bones. Uses of early geometric designs were found to belong to 25000 BC. In 2000 BC Harappans adopted a uniform system of weight and measure. Quadratic equations were solved in 1950 BC. In 1850 BC Babylonians came to know about Pythagoras theorem. Almost at the same time multiplication tables were used by them. Sexagesimal number system was used to predict the position of Sun, moon and other planets in 500 BC. Hippocrates wrote "Elements" in 450 BC which is first compilation of elements of geometry. Euclid gave a systematic development of geometry in Stoicheion (The Elements). He also gave the laws of reflection in Catoptrics. In 250 BC Archimedes floated Archimedes Principles and gave an approximate value of . In 127 BC Hippocras discovered the precision of Equinox and calculated the length of year. In about 60 AD Heron of Alexandria wrote Metrica (Measurement), which contained the formula for calculating Areas and Volumes. The Maya civilization in 250 AD used an almost place-value number system to base 20. In 499 AD Aryabhatta calculated to be 3.1416. In about 850 AD Thabit Ibn Qurra made important mathematical discoveries such as extension of the concept of number to real number, integral calculus, theorems in spherical geometry and non Euclidian geometry. Lot of other developments in mathematics need to be mentioned here but the only point is to show that mathematics developed through different generations and in different societies and cultures, which means that Mathematics was inevitable for one and all and was the nucleus for discoveries, inventions and development.
Mathematics is one subject that transcends time and culture. The Pythagorean Theorem is true in any culture and every century, and is studied wherever mathematics is taught. In a world of rapid change, mathematics is one thing that endures. Its heritage is treasure we pass from generation to generation, a common store of wisdom whose usefulness takes a different manifestation in various culture and settings.
Mathematics is rooted in timeless values and still is evolving. Newton gave mathematical laws of motion only three centuries ago. Lately new ways of measurements are being propounded which helps in advancement of science and commerce. Mathematics is used as an essential tool in almost all fields like ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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