Human and Embryonic Stem cell research - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The given paper provides bibliography on Human and Embryonic Stem cell research. Stem cells can be used for a wide variety of medical treatments. In particular in California, science is based on the progressive nature of the society. …
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Human and Embryonic Stem cell research
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"Human and Embryonic Stem cell research"

Many researchers are still concerned that they will be unable to continue with their work due to the climate of politics regarding stem cell research. This is resulting in a brain drain, in which scientists are leaving to go to other countries that have more lenient laws regarding this type of research. This is becoming harder and harder to keep politically, due to the fact that the rise of people in favor of embryonic stem cell research is increasing. Many private companies are starting to take advantage of this situation by providing funding and many scientists are eager to take advantage due to the fact that it does not use federal funding. These scientists are hoping to show the power of stem cells, as a medical technique in that they can be programmed into whatever is required for a patient. The debate of the destruction of embryos is not an issue due to the fact that they are used at in vitro clinics and would have most likely been discarded all together. Many people who are pro-life have a large influence with religion. Embryonic stem cells are often taken from embryos due to the fact that these are where the stem cells are the most differentiated and most rapidly reproducing. Often, many people want to harvest these from abortion clinics. This attacks two main viewpoints of people on the side of the pro-life argument. The first is that life begins at conception. Aborting the baby after this occurs is the equivalent of murder. Many also question the sentient rights of the embryo in that it is aware. As a result, supporters on this forefront are attacking policies not only against stem cell research, but also against abortion. The government also has made policies in which influence stem cell research by limiting the amount of funding and projects that can be going on at the same time. Peters , Ted. The Stem Cell Debate. Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press, 2007. 19-29. Print. The attack on stem cell research originates in the argument against abortion. Even though a majority of stem cells are created in lab, some come from that of aborted fetuses. Many pro-life candidates are against this due to the inherent properties of life. Also, there is also the debate that stem cells will lead to cloning. Even though there are alternatives to obtaining stem cells, such as through in vivo and ex vitro research. There is also the debate of the financial tag that comes with research in donating genetic material and fetuses for financial gain. As a result, many people think that this drive will take our society down an avenue where science completely takes over and gets rid of the morality in life. In this argument, it also talks about the uses Read More
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