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Analysis of the Citations from Journal of Biblical Literature, Dictionary of the Bible and Smyth and Helwyn Bible Commentary - Research Paper Example

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The work contains APA citation style research paper with six works cited. The themes of this research paper are divided into three parts. The first of which is from the Journal of Biblical literature. The second is from the Dictionary of the Bible. The third is from Smyth and Helwyn Bible Commentary …
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Analysis of the Citations from Journal of Biblical Literature, Dictionary of the Bible and Smyth and Helwyn Bible Commentary
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Extract of sample "Analysis of the Citations from Journal of Biblical Literature, Dictionary of the Bible and Smyth and Helwyn Bible Commentary"

Download file to see previous pages The Freundschaft, which translates into Priestly Document was the latest addition to the Pentateuch, not as had been previously conceived. The secondary perspective was how he could logically demonstrate how such investigations should be approached. It has now become more evident that Wellhausen's logical approach was inflexible and that Wellhausen made two faulty assumptions. First that the civilization of the Hebrews was based upon Hegelian concepts as emphasized by Vatke. The second false assumption was that the culture and civilization of Israel were solitary and that Israel began its progress at the levels demonstrated by the nomads of Arabia at the latter part of the Jehovah. Wellhausen was more conservative than his colleagues, who often followed the premise that information contained in the codes generally as dated from their period of authorship. What Wellhausen has demonstrated is that only in the completed form, the documents had a progressive timeline. In this investigation, the endeavor has only begun. There can be no temporal investigation of Hebrew culture, being that Wellhausen could not disprove that document J is from an author who existed in the middle of the ninth century B.C. That was almost one hundred years after the Kingdom of Israel had been divided into two. If Stanley Cooks argument were to prevail, the completed form of document J must be deduced to be from the eighth century B.C., subsequent to the fall of Samaria.
Since the time of Wellhausen's discourse, a great number of codifications had been discovered. The pursuit of the dating of the Pentateuch still remains one of the great academic objectives. Anton Jirku was one of the researchers who approached the legal origin upon which the Pentateuch is based in his book: Das weltliche Recht in Alten Testament (1927). In this book, Jirku proposed that there were ten compositions of Judaic law. Each of these elements existed by themselves before being compiled.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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