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A Freckled Christian Theology - Article Example

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The paper “A Freckled Christian Theology” seeks to evaluate pluralism in religion, which is the “view that different, or even contradictory, forms of religious belief and behavior could or even should coexist”. Religiously and culturally, the existence of diverse and multicolored practices…
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A Freckled Christian Theology
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Download file to see previous pages The recognition that nobody can have full possession of the truth is the fundamental premise of strong religious pluralism. Truth is dissimilar from our truth assertions (Barnes 2002). In a highly diverse world, those who adopt a specific standpoint should be informed about standpoints other than their own. Understanding and welcoming the plural certainty of truths and their momentous co-existence require significant intellectual endeavor. There are Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, Confucian, Hindu, Taoist and Christian religious practices, expressions and experiences that enlighten particular truth awareness (Barnes 2002). This defies the fervor of ‘no other name’ (Acts 4:12) which for centuries has oriented Christian theology. It is valuable and critical defiance.
Christians believe in Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, there is a confusing plurality in Christian faith’s expression and experience. This plurality is alarmingly abundant and can be threateningly disruptive (Carson 2002). For a number of Christians, miracles are necessary, whilst for some Christians, they are not. For some, the Bible’s principle of inerrancy fits into the heart of the faith, whilst for others, it is of modest importance. For some, rituals are at the core of the devotion experience, whilst for others, they are unimportant (Carson 2002). For some, the Apostolic See or the papacy is a fundamental element of the religion, for others, it embodies a massive hindrance to the doctrine (Carson 2002). The same testament has been brought into play for and against capital punishment, abortion, and slavery (Haers & Merrigan 2000).
That the programme for modern-day theology of religions is being founded by the self-styled pluralist thought, embodied by, among others, Wilfred Cantwell Smith, John Hick, and Paul Knitter, there can be little uncertainty (Muck 2007). Basically, the pluralist faith of religions is distinguished by the “move away from the insistence on the superiority or finality of Christ and Christianity toward recognition of the independent validity of other ways” (Haers & Merrigan 2000: 62). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Freckled Christian Theology Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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