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Christian World Veiw - Essay Example

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The Book of Romans, authored by the apostle Paul, contains many theological truths that contain a considerable degree of importance to a Christian Worldview. It talks about the Creation of Life, Sin, and Salvation, among other things.
The Book of Romans begins with Paul…
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Christian World Veiw
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The Book of Romans and a Christian Worldview The Book of Romans, ed by the apostle Paul, contains many theological truths that contain a considerable degree of importance to a Christian Worldview. It talks about the Creation of Life, Sin, and Salvation, among other things.
On Creation
The Book of Romans begins with Paul claiming that the creation of the world allowed us to see the divine power of God, which have been invisible u until that point (Romans 1:20). This shows us that creation was something performed by God, all of his creations should manifest all of His desires as well. Moreover, as we humans are God’s creation, we should likewise aspire for whatever God aspires.
On Sin
According to the Book of Romans, Sin leads to our alienation from God, thus destroying our relationship with Him (Romans 5). Paul emphasizes that Sin came about in the world because of the actions of one man, referring to the Original Sin made by Adam, and this Sin brought about death to all mankind (Romans 5:12-13). He adds that while humans try to resist the pull towards Sin, it is only by the grace of God that we will be able to transcend the gap between us and Him.
On Salvation
God’s salvation is clearly outlined in the Book of Romans. Chapter 5 promises that humans are now reconciled with God through Christ’s death. However, this is only possible if we likewise conformed to the ways of Christ, in which we do as He did so that we would be sanctified and renewed as images of Christ.
On Eschatology
The Book of Romans teaches us that God’s ultimate goal is for us to be his Sons just as Christ is. That is, since God created us to be in the image of Christ, we are only able to do this if we also manifest the actions and thoughts of Christ.
On Ethics
The Book of Romans tells us Christians are to live just as Christ did. This means that we should offer our bodies as a living sacrifice to God, and not merely conform to the actions of this world (Romans 12:1-2). Rather, we must aspire to be holy, and transformed by renewing our mind so that we will be able to clearly see what God truly wishes us to be.
On Theology
The Book of Romans reveals that God is a great power and a divine person (Romans 1:20). This is so clearly manifested that Paul says men will be held without excuse if they do not see the mighty power and divination of God.
And A Good, KING JAMES BIBLE Read More
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Christian World Veiw Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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