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What Day of the Week is the Biblical Christian Sabbath - Research Paper Example

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The survey “What Day of the Week is the Biblical Christian Sabbath?” relates to an assertion that some researchers state that Christian Sabbath coincides with calendar Saturday according to  Biblical evidence, early Christian Church doctrines, and historical Church instructions…
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What Day of the Week is the Biblical Christian Sabbath
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Download file to see previous pages Instances in both the Old and New Testaments support this claim. It will be proven that even Jesus observed the Sabbath.  Although some modern-day Christian churches observe the Sabbath on Saturday, most observe the Sabbath on Sunday.  This is Biblically incorrect.  In an effort to separate from the Jewish foundation, Christianity accepted Sunday as the Sabbath.  What is forgotten is the Beloved Savior Jesus was Jewish as well.  This research paper will be helpful for readers to gain insight into the main aspects involved in the concept of the Sabbath day.
What day of the week is the Biblical Christian Sabbath? This research question is basically aimed to find out the basics assumptions, beliefs, and tenets for the Biblical Christian Sabbath. Research methodology of the research will be based on this research question. The thesis of the research follows the same path to find out the day that is considered as Sabbath in Biblical Christianity. For the resolution of the research question, it is essential to have a look at the constitution of Sabbath and its key assumptions. This research question covers the main aspects of the thesis statement that is aimed to analyze all the viewpoints related to the Sabbath. Research questions decide the way through the research will be accomplished, whether it is qualitative or quantitative. Apart from this, research questions determine the investigative criteria, as well as, research format that is important for the research. After researching the day of the week concerning the Biblical Christian Sabbath, the conclusions reached is the Christian Sabbath should be observed on Saturday because of Biblical evidence, early Christian Church teachings, and historical Church rulings.
The Sabbath is the day of rest in the Judeo-Christian religions such as Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, plus a variety of other religions. Instead of working, on the Sabbath individuals rest and spend time worshipping at church.  The word Sabbath was used in the Bible for the first time in the Ten Commandments.  This Sabbath symbolizes respect for the day when God rested after completion of the creative activities.  It is believed that He completed this work in six days and then rested on the seventh day, which is known as the “Sabbath day". ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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