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The Moravian Church, the Pentecostal Movement and the Methodist Episcopal Church - Coursework Example

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The paper "The Moravian Church, the Pentecostal Movement and the Methodist Episcopal Church" states that the Methodists are Restorationists because they fought for the original relationship of the church and the state; they advocated the amalgamation of the church and the state and not the separation of it…
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The Moravian Church, the Pentecostal Movement and the Methodist Episcopal Church
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Extract of sample "The Moravian Church, the Pentecostal Movement and the Methodist Episcopal Church"

Download file to see previous pages Nowadays, there is a realization among the members of the Pentecostal movement that their attempts to renew their faith based on their early spiritual experiences of believing and Spirit Baptism has cost them a lot because they have apparently ignored other opportunities for reflection. Their spiritual leaders have been varied but intimate to the community of believers. The familiarity of the believers and the leaders with each other gives the impression of being a family as much as a spiritual movement. Pentecostals, alongside other religious movements, put emphasis on the work of the Holy Spirit within the being of the believer. Historically, the Pentecostals have a comparatively young tradition. Its presence has been felt at the beginning of the twentieth century. Generally, the early Pentecostals inhabit the downcast part of a settlement, in countryside village and various poor remote areas of the planet. Since their existence, the Pentecostals have persisted to expand as a stream of spirituality within the backdrop of Christianity.1 As a fellowship, church, religious group, movement and denomination, the Pentecostals center much of their actions within the reverence setting of the church. For the Pentecostals, spirituality is not a mere devotional element but rather an entity that is frequently defined within the framework of service in a place of worship. The Pentecostals “love to have church” because they strongly believe that the work of the Spirit coupled with an ardent demonstration of dedication in worship service is more valuable than the Spirit’s work on the personal level within each believer.2 Moreover, spirituality for the Pentecostals focuses on a recurrent pursuit to recapture an individual’s original reception of the Spirit. This rather regressive move of the Spirit creates a two-way consciousness that proves to be useful at times but at other times may be a form of denial. Specifically, Pentecostals who have a diverse heritage from various generations perceive the Spirit in the past tense more than in the progression of time to the future hence abandoning the value of the present. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Moravian Church, the Pentecostal Movement and the Methodist Coursework)
The Moravian Church, the Pentecostal Movement and the Methodist Coursework.
“The Moravian Church, the Pentecostal Movement and the Methodist Coursework”.
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