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Analysis of Isaiah 61:1-11 Book - Research Proposal Example

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"Analysis of Isaiah 61:1-11 Book" paper is meant to explore Isaiah 61:1-11 from a neutral standpoint to fairly depict Isaiah 61 from different perspectives. The book of Isaiah was written by the prophet Isaiah Ben Amoz toward the end of his prophetic ministry…
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Analysis of Isaiah 61:1-11 Book
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Isaiah 61:1-11 Book"

Download file to see previous pages The focus of this exposition is the book of Isaiah chapter 61: 1-11.  The King James Version of the Bible is used as well as the Judaica Press Complete Tanach Yeshayahu Chapter 61.  The Jewish Publication Society Tanach (1917) is also used.  Lastly, Rashi’s commentary is referred to as well.  It is worthy of mention that both the Jewish and Christian perspectives are explored here and that, in the true essence of research, one is not favored over the other.  Isaiah Ben Amoz was considered a prophet in his time. He was known to predict the deliverance of Jerusalem from the Assyrians. Jerusalem was freed from the control of the Assyrians in 701 B.C. which added to his credibility as a prophet. The whole book of Isaiah was published around 680 B.C..2

Isaiah 61: 1-11 is part of the Seventh Canto of Isaiah that includes chapters 58 through 66. From the Christian perspective, these last books of Isaiah prophesied the coming of the Messiah. Judaism holds that the text does predict the coming of the Messiah but that the text proves that the Messiah has not yet come. Judaism contends that not all of the criteria were met by Jesus for him to be considered the Messiah. Although he may have been a prophet, Judaism contends that he did not meet all the criteria that the true Messiah would have had to meet.

There are differences in the translation of the text when comparing the King James Version to the Judaica Press Complete Tanach. This is due to different translators transcribing the text from Hebrew into English. The differences in understanding of the written text are due to the different interpretations by Judaism and Christianity. Judaism tends to interpret the text literally while Christianity tends to look for deeper meanings within the text. Christianity also links the text to the New Testament text to prove its validity.

The closest we can get to commentary from the time period of Isaiah is Rashi’s commentary on Isaiah. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Analysis of Isaiah 61:1-11 Book Research Proposal, n.d.)
Analysis of Isaiah 61:1-11 Book Research Proposal.
(Analysis of Isaiah 61:1-11 Book Research Proposal)
Analysis of Isaiah 61:1-11 Book Research Proposal.
“Analysis of Isaiah 61:1-11 Book Research Proposal”.
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