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Judaism, Christianity, Islamic and Buddhisms beliefs on Heaven and Hell - Research Paper Example

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The freedom of religion provides each individual with the occasion to believe and practice any faith he or she delights. This research paper aims to provide more insight on Judaism, Christianity, Islamic and Buddhism’s beliefs and practices of heaven and hell…
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Judaism, Christianity, Islamic and Buddhisms beliefs on Heaven and Hell
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Download file to see previous pages Judaism, which is the main religion of the Jews, believes in the existence of both heaven and hell. According to Hebrew, the Jews refer to heaven as Olam Haba, which translates to the world to come. Their main belief is that a heaven is a place for the righteous and that those who live in it are blessed to reside under continuous divine intervention. Furthermore, the Jews believe that those who live in heaven are customarily rewarded with a better life to make up for the misfortunes that they underwent on earth (Ellens 38). According to Judaism, the experience of this world is aimed at preparing their believers for the next, and that fulfilling the commandments is instrumental in earning one entry into heaven. The Jews similarly share the ideology that the soul should be purified before its final rest, a process that often goes on for eleven months. Given the wideness of Judaism, a section of Jews believes that God is the resuscitator of the dead through a process known as the transmigration of souls (Ellens 43). They regard the transmigration of souls as a second chance, and an opportunity for an individual to make up for some of the commandments he or she never fulfilled while on earth.
Christianity, just like Judaism teaches on the existence of both heaven and hell. In as much as information on both heaven and hell remains light, Christians believe that heaven is a place where all their suffering and pain will end and that they will live forever ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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