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Through this, Jesus Christ lived on Earth underwent crucification, died and resurrected on the third day after burial.
Subscribers participate in the…
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Early Religion Worksheet
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Early Religion Worksheet Christian Traditions and Beliefs God is the Maker of Earth and Heaven and they embrace the Holy Trinity ly; three persons in God, God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Followers belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who attained the human body for the purposes of saving humanity from sin. Through this, Jesus Christ lived on Earth underwent crucification, died and resurrected on the third day after burial.
Those subscribing to Christianity belief that it establishes the right relationship with God (Kate, 2012)
This form of religion believes in life after death but on earth
Members also hold that the channel of communicating with God is through prayers taking both the informal and formal paths
The remission of sins takes place through baptism
Subscribers participate in the Holy Eucharist consisting of the Holy Communion, Lord’s Supper, the Divine Liturgy, The Mass, as well as Blessed Sacrament. It is a ritual of going through actions of Christ with his disciples when serving the last supper before His crucification.
Buddhism Traditions and Beliefs
The religion has various traditions with most of them sharing primary beliefs
Believers hold onto reincarnation, which means that people are reborn once they die with a person having a complete cycle consisting of birth, living, as well as rebirth.
Buddhists have differences between the notions of reincarnation and rebirth. A person can undergo reincarnation repeatedly while in rebirth an individual does not have to return to the world in the entity. Practitioners make a comparison of the leaf growing on a tree where a new leaf grows to replace the one that withers and falls. The two leaves are similar but not identical.
An individual unleashes his hold on the self and desire following a series of cycles to attain Nirvana (Bhikkhu, 2010). Nirvana explains the position liberating an individual from suffering and enjoys freedom.
There are three trainings also referred to as practices namely; Sila, Samadhi, and Prajna.
Traditions and Beliefs in Hinduism
The religion does not have prescribed set of beliefs like other forms of religion
Hinduism does not have any official creed
The religion entails a sundry of different religious traditions, beliefs, as well as practices.
To some extent, there are those who hold that Hinduism is not a form of religion but a belief constituting a set of rituals, practices, and traditions.
However, they have basic notions to unite all people subscribing to the Hinduism across the globe (Boye, 2010)
Beliefs are Brahman, Brahman unity also referred to as atman, scripture, karma, cyclical view of time; samsara, Moksha, Goddesses and Gods, Ahimsa, enlightened masters, and no one true religion.
Islam Beliefs and Practices
Scholars and Believers define this form of religion as submitting freely to the Will of The 1 and Commandment and only God referred to as Allah.
They do not hold Allah as special for them but The Creator of mankind and all other creatures (Corduan, 1998)
The messenger of Allah is Muhammad
The accepted collection of the teachings o God is the Qur’an
Traditions and Beliefs of Judaism
Subscribers belief in the existence of one true God whose qualities include being all-powerful
According to them life remains Holy
The guide to correct living is Torah i.e. the Jewish Holy Scripture
Undertaking a study of the Torah is a form of worship in itself
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Early Religion Worksheet Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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