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Which reflections of Islam are in the tale of Maruf the Cobbler - Essay Example

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The poor cobbler named Maaruf was a true Muslim because he practises the Islamic teachings. Maaruf was a calm guy just as required by the Islamic…
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Which reflections of Islam are in the tale of Maruf the Cobbler
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"Which reflections of Islam are in the tale of Maruf the Cobbler"

Download file to see previous pages Muslim believes that Allah is the provider of everything, and they should ask him the things they want. In respect to this belief Maaruf had to pray the dawn prayer to ask Allah to save him from the wrath of his wife by providing a piece of cake before evening. Muslims have their special court known as the kadhi court in which they should settle their matters. Maafur was falsely accused by his wife before the Kadhi court. The two were Muslim, and they could not take their problem before the court of law and, as a result, the wife took the matter before the Kadhi who settled the issue and restored peace between the two (Scheherazade 12).
One aspect of Islam is giving a charity to the poor and helping the oppressed. In the tale, the aspect of charity is seen where Maaruf could not get the money to buy the cake but went to the shop, and the cake seller agreed to give him on credit. The cake seller agreed to help Maaruf and give him the cake on credit until when Allah will provide him with money. Upon reaching home, the wife did not accept the cake because it was not covered with bees honey, and this brought up trouble. The neighbours played a role of brining back peace in the home since Muslims should help the oppressed. When Maaruf went away from Cairo after being reported by his wife, he came across a man who took him and gave him everything. When the Kazi was settling the dispute, he made sure he maintained peace between the wife and husband by giving Maaruf the cake to give it to the wife (Scheherazade 4).
Muslims are supposed to pray Allah five times a day and in the tale Maaruf is praying most of the time. The Islam faith requires believers to pray in the mosque and Maaruf went to the mosque to pray meaning that he was a true Muslim (Scheherazade 7). Maaruf was a prayerful man and this made Allah to make him Sultan. When the wife of Maaruf (princes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Which reflections of Islam are in the tale of Maruf the Cobbler
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Which reflections of Islam are in the tale of Maruf the Cobbler
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