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Religion and Culture - Essay Example

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The world view on Christian fundamentals is that the world is created by God and Jesus is the “Son of God’ hence a holy spirit. However the world has less harmony and with the will of God, Jesus is sent to earth to bridge gap between humanity and God. In Christianity…
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Religion and Culture
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1. The world view on Christian fundamentals is that the world is created by God and Jesus is the “Son of God’ hence a holy spirit. However the world has less harmony and with the will of God, Jesus is sent to earth to bridge gap between humanity and God. In Christianity faith upon Jesus and love is essential to attain his kingdom.
2. Some pitfalls in the study of religion is that some facts does not have a historical records .Many concepts in religious studies has a different meaning in modern world which makes it difficult to analyse its importance. Some terminology can be vague and interpretation is difficult. Even the “theology” in today’s world has a different meaning which makes understanding a little confusing. The process of comparison raises any theoretical and methodological complexities and can bring wrong conclusions. There also can be influence of one tradition upon the other. Some rituals and customs are poorly studied hence interpretation can be vague.
3. According to Erdel, all the Christians throughout the world accepts Jesus as the Son of God and messiah. They believe that the Bible is the word of God and follow it as a Holy text. All the Christians accept the spirituality of Church and religious leaders related to it.
4. The Hebrew Bible which is the “ Old Testament” talks mainly about creation of Earth and Commandments of God. It has Moses as the messenger of God and has five commandments. Whereas in the Bible, that is the New Testament the details from the birth of Jesus is vividly explained and he is treated as “Son of God” and as God himself. The Ten Commandments are taken with divine value and the Christian Bible has both Hebrew biblical information and Jesus divine life history. In the Quran, the creation and God has been mentioned and Jesus is considered as a Prophet but Mohammed is the last messenger send by God.
5. When the Christianity encountered with modernity, the people start to become more subtle in their beliefs and started to abandon many outer layers of the religions. Many customs and rituals were avoided and only idealistic ones were adopted like baptism, Sunday communion, funeral rituals and wedding rituals. It was more of a practical way of seeing religion and people included the religious values in areas which it was needed. There was more of logical understanding about God and life. As per (Muether, 1999) “Christian theology may not be directly compromised by the encounter with modernity, but under its influence the practice of the church is radically altered’.
6. The Christianity fundamentals are that Jesus is the son of God, the Holy Spirit. Secondly that Bible is the word of God. As per (Lawrence,2014)“ But when we say, "The Bible is the Word of God," what do we mean? The Fundamentalist says he means that the Word is "literally infallible" by which he implies that every statement in it may be taken literally and is literally true”. The Christians believe resurrection was a sign that he has given his life for salvation of human being. For Christians, church is the holy place for religious prayer and communion of the saint has its spiritual value and purpose. And finally, Christian tradition thinks that Christ would be coming on the day of judgement to restore peace upon earth.
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Muether, John R. "Confronting Modernity." OPC, 1999. Web. 1 June 2014. . Read More
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