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Putting Christ Last - Article Example

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Majority of the population are weak in the area, even after the bible instructs as to seek first the kingdom of God the rest will follow…
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Extract of sample "Putting Christ Last"

PUTTING CHRIST LAST Putting Christ Last The world has always been at the verge of conflicts when it comes to the aspect of following Christ fully and total surrender in their lives. Majority of the population are weak in the area, even after the bible instructs as to seek first the kingdom of God the rest will follow. It is clear that the majority of the people first fulfil their heart desires, and then turns to Christ as the last option.
During His ministry, Christ did and met people of different kinds and personalities. For instance in Luke 9, he meets a man and tries to woo him to follow him. The man seems convinced, but he excuses himself to go and bury his father. In response, Jesus told him that the dead should bury their dead. Another man was too anxious to follow Christ, to the extent of openly portraying his willingness. However, his heart and volunteerism is blocked by the desire of minding about his relatives.1
The church members often put him as the last option; hence, the excerpt is very relevant to the modern Christianity. They first fulfil their life issues then Christ comes last. For example, one focuses on his or her needs prior to paying the tithes. Prayers are an issue, as people never have enough time to pray. Church attendance is also poor due to ‘unavoidable issues.’ All these aspects illustrate how the Christians have put Christ last.
Even sinners put Christ last. They are fully immersed into sin and it remains difficult for them to come out of it. The pleasures of the world have made them not to have a resting place for Christ. They want to enjoy the pleasure of the world for a bit longer. They are at the epitome of peer pressure, fearing what their friends would comment if they turn to Christ.
With reference to Luke 9:62, the segments of the population that fail to prioritize Christ in their lives should not be in the kingdom of God. If one fails to recognize Christ while, on earth, Christ will also fail to recognize that person in heaven. We ought to put God first; he is a jealous God and pleasures in those who put Him first.
Therefore, everyone has an obligation to put first what he loves. What comes first is what one loves best. If one loves God truly, he will put Him first.
Holy Bible: New International Version. Grand Rapids, Mich: Zondervan, 2008. Read More
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