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John - Essay Example

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Many omissions in the book of John are present in the synoptic books. Episodes of temptations of Jesus, transfiguration, the last supper and some other events are not…
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Extract of sample "John"

Download file to see previous pages There is utilization of symbolism and double meaning, for example, referring the temple as the body, water and spirit, life and death. With reference to the use of vocabulary, there is simple use of English.
The book of John contains immense differences that are striking and enhance its differentiation with the rest if the three gospels books. It is worth noting close to 90% of the content of this book are not found in the rest of the gospels. It makes them unique. However, the four books complement each other in delivering the message of the gospel. John provides immense information about the messiah that is unavailable in the synoptic gospels. The first three gospels are the synoptic gospels, in that they all have a common revelation and view unlike the book of John that differs significantly from the rest with close reference to themes, time of recording, content, style of writing and order of events.
In the introduction section of the synoptic, the authors express about the birth of Jesus and His baptism. They are very systematic in presentation, in that Jesus is born, baptized, and then commences his ministry after temptation in the desert. They also mention the baptism of John the Baptist and the role he did play in the coming of the messiah. He continues with his ministry, until his last week, death and resurrection. All this information is detailed enough. It differs in the way John writes. The book commences with a prologue and ends with an epilogue. In between there, exists some stories of Jesus that are not related chronologically or geographically. These stories simply emphasize how the messiah engaged in different controversies with other people and the various signs that he worked. Between chapters 13-20, he explains of the in-depth stories of death and resurrection. In comparison with the synoptic that explains how Jesus went to Jerusalem at the end of his life, John’s perceive that the ministry of Jesus is mainly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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John Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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