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Funeral speech about my grandma who died - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Similarly, I would like to thank you all for coming to share our joy, as we celebrate my grandmother’s wonderful life. My grandmother was…
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Funeral speech about my grandma who died
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Module Funeral Speech On behalf of my family, especially my sister, I would like to appreciate your presence for coming to grieve with us in sharing our sorrow. Similarly, I would like to thank you all for coming to share our joy, as we celebrate my grandmother’s wonderful life. My grandmother was a spiritual person, who despite of all the challenges encouraged the whole family to attend the church proceedings. She had a heart that would encourage her grandchildren to follow in the footsteps of Christ to have a better life. In addition to this, she was a caring person, who had the interests of others at heart (Jourdan 2). She always encouraged the family to do the right thing, as it would be rewarded by the almighty God. One of the memorable lessons from grandmother is caring for neighbors, which she exercised throughout her life. In this context, we learned that she was a role model, who encouraged the family to live in God’s ways. Apparently, when we needed special prayers, she relentlessly offered her aid.
Before her untimely demise, she engaged in prayers while worshiping the almighty. She always worshiped and prayed with the family, even those that were not present. To say the least, she was a blessing to the entire family, as she offered direction and advice at any time of need. Although she did not have the best health in the recent times, she always encouraged the family to lead a respectable and quality life. She encouraged the family to follow the word of God, go to church and make friends with everyone in sight. Through her actions, we felt the love and care (Jourdan 3). In fact, she did not have a favorite grandchild, since she showed undiscriminating love and care. Her smile always reminds me of a happy person who had accomplishments in life, while bringing up a loving and caring family. We will surely miss you grandmother. But in all, we still have the embodied resilience, love and care that you relentlessly advocated. Thank you for bringing a meaning to our lives.
Work Cited
Jourdan, Phil. John Gardner: A Tiny Eulogy. Brookly, NY: Punctum Books, 2012. Print. Read More
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