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Interview reflection - Essay Example

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Moral values and social norms commonly influence the ideologies individuals have regarding personality. This creates an element of similarity regarding what individuals consider to be the qualities of good persons within the society, and the standards of good living. …
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Interview reflection
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Task Interview reflection The thoughts of people regarding different aspects of life commonly differ a lot as their perceptionsremains totally different. The definition and understanding of happiness, for example, remains totally different among different individuals as could be presumed from the interview conducted. The social environment, however, presents a significant influence upon the thinking and perceptions of individuals. Moral values and social norms commonly influence the ideologies individuals have regarding personality. This creates an element of similarity regarding what individuals consider to be the qualities of good persons within the society, and the standards of good living. Though individuals possess different perceptions regarding good living, the direction of thought is commonly influenced by the social society in which the persons reside. The social environment has a significant influence upon the various elements which define the personality of an individual.
The thoughts of people on matters related to religion and philosophy commonly differ as these are elements which result from personal perception of things which cannot be seen. Though individuals might believe the same thing regarding the existence of God, the reasons for their beliefs have significance differences. The basic problems facing human beings cannot be identified uniformly among the people(Cosgrove, p137). The understanding of problems among people remains based on the fundamental challenges faced by the individuals within their lives. This challenges faced become significant determinants of the individual’s thought regarding the basic problems facing humans. The interviews significantly changed my perceptions regarding various aspects which face people and could be essential in understanding what drives the thoughts of other people. Understanding the perceptions of individuals remains essential in improving the relationship existing between people of different cultural and social backgrounds.
Cosgrove, Mark P. Foundations of Christian Thought: Faith, Learning, and the Christian Worldview. New York: Kregel Academic, 2006. Print.
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